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10 Cool Tricks to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone

Aug 27, 2019
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Smartphones these days have equipped users with numerous tools. The inbuilt camera in it is a massive boon. The trend in present time is posting pictures and selfies in various social media platforms. But what if one could deliver a good quality click? Definitely, the photographer himself would be very highly satisfied with the capture and the viewers too mesmerized by the nature of the click. If the limited resource in hand, just the smartphone, be put to optimum use it is sure to present some memorable clicks.

10 Cool Tricks to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone

Here are a few tricks to deliver high-quality clicks.

  1. Adjusting Focus: The rapid up-gradation of the best camera smartphone has enabled users to alter the exposure and fine-tune the focus of the phone camera. Usually, just a tap on the screen is enough to instruct the device to focus on the indicated spot. Face recognition option on the phone camera automatically enables the device to avoid focusing on blurred faces. Many phones additionally allow altering the exposure, precisely the amount of light entering into the lens and thereby help in lightening up the pictures.
  2. Using HDR Mode: The high dynamic range (HDR) functions to make the dim-lit part of the portrait or for that matter the extremely lit portion, clearly and distinctly visible. Thus it helps in balancing the range of colors and details of the elements in the frame. The functioning of the HDR requires sparing few more seconds who in turn results in captures extraordinary landscapes. For the best result, it is advisable to be utilized on steady objects or when the camera is not in motion.
  3. Optimizing The Use Flash: Light being one of the basic determining factors of a good photograph, where to use flash and where not to use it is very important. Capturing landscapes in the presence of adequate natural light does not call for additional use of flash. Special focus on lighting up the object on focus naturally by adjusting the angles would result in good composition. For night scenes, the flash does come out as a rescue.
  4. Avoid Movement While Taking A Shot: This aspect of photographing is important as slightest of shake would result in terrifically disturbing photos. If restricting the movement of the phone while capturing becomes difficult, a tripod stand might be useful. Especially in low light conditions, where it takes longer to get a well-exposed shot the importance of taking a steady shot comes into play.
  5. Application of the Rule of Thirds: The rule says that an image is fractioned into nine blocks just like a three by three matrix. The best idea is to focus the most crucial portion of the photos at the corners of the matrix. Almost all phone cameras have the grid lines displayed on the screen. Thus carrying about the task is not imposing.
  6. Maneuver A Specialized Camera App: To experience an advanced treat in photographing with smartphones, various camera applications can be used. These apps equip users with more setting options.
  7. Using Filter: At times applying the filters can prove to be great. Filters help combine various effects in a go and thus enhancing the look of the picture. Choosing the right kind of filter can help lift the photo to a massive extent!
  8. Capturing Photos In Bursts: This feature allows the user to make numerous consecutive shots at a go. Later on one could choose to keep the best one of the lot. One could easily active the burst mode from the setting.
  9. Using Photo Editing App: Photo editing app allows further elaborating and enhancing the photograph. Tweaking colors and cropping the image, all could be done by using one of these editing apps.
  10. Inspect The Default Camera App: The inbuilt camera app has loads of features to offer. This might be enough at times to get a satisfactory picture.

Following the above tips could help one get the best photographs. Just exploring the Best Camera Smartphone Under 10000 and the numerous features of the photo applications could lead to the delivery of great pictures.

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