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Want To Play Ludo For Real Money? Here’s Your Guide To Getting Started

Dec 16, 2020
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The board games industry has been growing at an astounding rate every year. It’s not surprising to see it grow by 20-50% annually. More and more players are joining the bandwagon to play competitively for cash prizes.

We have e-sports where players participate in tournaments like Fortnite, PUBG, World of Warcraft, and more but the board games scene is evolving as we speak. Online ludo is currently trending, and there are many developers who are rewarding players for playing it.

If you’re new to board games and want to compete for cash prizes, the best way to get started is by mastering it first.

Here’s a short guide on how to play ludo for real money.

1. Practice With Real Players

Before you start competing for cash prizes, make sure you get some practice with real-life players. It’s easy to win against the PC, but when you’re playing against real people, things take a different turn. Learn the rules well, so you’re not taken by surprise in the middle of the game.

Play Ludo For Real Money

In the beginning, it’s a good idea to play one-on-one. But as you progress and improve your game, you want to play online ludo in groups. Having matches with three to four players will simulate real ludo and give a more authentic gaming experience.

2. Participate In Online Tournaments

There are many online tournaments that offer cash prizes to players for winning. Depending on the host, most payouts are transferred directly to bank accounts or e-wallets.

3. Open A Paypal Account
This isn’t directly involved with playing ludo online but applies to all other online board games. While Ludo Supreme Gold will let you win cash via direct bank transfers, not all online board games will be like that. Most online gaming platforms transfer payments through Paypal.

It’s a good idea to open up a new Paypal account before getting started for that reason.

4. Refer Your Friends

There are websites that give players cash rewards for letting their friends sign up on the app. Online board game platforms provide a referral code that you can use and share with friends. When your friends participate in tournaments and win cash prizes themselves, you end up winning too and get a cut of it.

And the more friends you have joining in, the more players you can face off against. This equals more opportunities for winning cash prizes online by simply enjoying yourself.

5. Try Out Ludo Supreme Gold

Yes, we realize we’re making an online ludo game recommendation but hear us out. Unlike other online ludo games, Ludo Supreme Gold makes the process of winning cash prizes easy. And since it’s an upcoming board game that has over a million verified players for its userbase, you’ll have a good chance of winning good prize money.

There’s a downloadable app on the website, and you can view the prize distribution at the beginning of every game. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for any payments.

The cashouts are instant, and you can play with your friends too. It takes only 10 minutes for the shortest rounds, and it’s absolutely free. If you’re a new player, you can get a signup bonus as well. And their customer support team is very responsive, and you can reach out to them if you ever run into any issues.

6. Watch The Pros

If you can’t seem to figure out what you’re missing, a great tip is to watch the pros. Keep an eye out for winning players and see what they’re doing differently. There are common traits every pro has that makes them win over and over. If you can copy that or take it and make it your own ace, your gaming skills might just go up. We suggest watching ludo replays and online gameplay videos for this.

Why Playing Online Ludo Is Good For You

The benefits of playing online ludo don’t just extend to winning prize money. Play is an integral part of life and good for emotional development. By interacting with players online and having a fun time, you learn how to socialize and get stress relief. We’re emphasizing this because before you even start playing online ludo for cash prizes, be sure to get the hang of the game and enjoy it first.

Go a few rounds with your friends and see what you like about the game. Online ludo tournaments are completely different these days from what you can imagine.  Online ludo is very approachable for beginners too, and there are players from different countries who compete for prize money.

So when you’re considering playing board games for real money, you know that ludo is the easiest bet. And since it doesn’t involve any strategy, it all depends on your luck which makes it more fun.

Other Bonus Tips

If you’re not interested in winning prize money by playing ludo and want another way, you can make referrals. You can write about online ludo games and promote brands that host ludo tournaments as an affiliate.

You’ll have to contact the brand and see if they have any affiliate programs in order to do that. This tip applies to those who are interested in creating content rather than gaming. But it’s still good money and about ludo too.


The trick to making money by playing ludo online is staying persistent and making sure you’re doing your best. Honing your game and perfecting the craft takes time. There aren’t many players who turn into overnight successes, but it’s not uncommon to win huge cash prizes when you get truly lucky. If you’re trying to make a living by playing online games, playing online ludo and trying out other games is a good start.

The gaming industry is growing and there will be an increasing number of players who participate in tournaments for prize money. Which means there’ll be more opportunities to win and maybe even go professional if you’re lucky. Because after all, online ludo is a game of luck.

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