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Top 11 games to improve your concentration

Sep 21, 2018
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Is playing games really bad?

Most of us believe that playing video games or online games is merely an addiction and can be very dangerous for the ones who are playing. However, a recent research has proved that playing video games has its own benefits. It helps in the enhancement of cognitive skills in both children and adults. Cognitive games help in the stimulation of the brain and improve its performance. Playing video games can improve coordination, improves in dealing with problems, enhances memory, speeds up the brain’s activities and abilities improve social and mental skills etc. Playing creative online games can be a perfect stress buster for both adults and kids. Moreover, playing games that involve continuous usage of the brain help in the efficient working of the mind. Here is the list of Top 11 games that can help in increasing your concentration.

1) Zap Blocks

The Zap Blocks game is going to test the gaming skills and will give immense thrilling adventurous experience to the users.

Zap Blocks

The game is quite easy to play, the user just has to discharge the balls from the canon and break as many bricks as they can. The user can throw many shots with the help of special power-up balls. The advanced graphics of this game will surely mesmerize the users. The game is really challenging and will help the users in testing their intelligence and creative thinking.

2) Shoot Outtt

With amazing graphics and intuitive user control, this Shootout, ball shooting game is going to keep you busy for hours. This game can be played by people of all the age groups, but mostly the kids enjoy this game because of the concentration and skills that it demands.

3) Arkanoid Breakout

If you love playing block-breaking games, here’s a free Arkanoid online game you would enjoy. The game is quite easy to play. The user has to use his/her paddle to bounce the ball into the wall of bricks above to earn good points. The user has to break all the bricks to jump to the next level. Arkanoid is a kind of breakout-type game. The user just has to knock out all the bricks from each level.

Arkanoid Breakout

Use the mouse or Right and Left arrow keys to move the paddle. To shoot the lasers, press the Spacebar. No matter what you do, don’t allow the ball to pass the paddle. Otherwise, you will lose a life.

Bricks appear in different patterns depending on the level. Every level is new and unique. Arkanoid game involves proper concentration and is a brain game.

4) Angry Birds

The birds are in immense anger! The notorious green pigs have stolen the eggs from these birds’ nest. The birds then plan to take revenge by throwing themselves at the pigs in an attempt to squash them. But the pigs are no less – they are ready with a variety of structures to protect themselves from any harm. Angry Birds game has dozens of levels of birds versus pigs. The rules are quite simple. Use the slingshot to catapult your birds toward the group of pigs, bursting the pigs in as few attempts as possible.

This game obviously requires a lot of careful planning, especially at higher levels where the defenses of pigs become more complex and difficult to cope with. Firing away without proper aim won’t be a sensible decision, because then you’ll run out of birds before you defeat all the pigs.

5) Aqua Bubble

In this Aqua Bubble game, the user has to shoot many colored bubbles to make three of the same kind.  The user has to pop enough bubbles to clear each level before the bubbles go to the water. This Aqua Bubble game involves high concentration and immense decision-making. The user will witness it as soon as he/she will get to higher levels of the game.

6) Blackboard Squash

Blackboard Squash

Blackboard Squash helps in training reaction time and great orientation skills. The user has to be very quick to stay alive for a long period of time in this game.  He/she should try not to get squashed by the objects drawn on the blackboard. To survive, the user needs to move fast and think quickly.

7) Bloons

This Bloons game helps with training logic and proper concentration. The user has to complete each level by aiming the darts to pop most balloons with each throw. In Bloons, the user is a monkey having a dart gun. In the sky, there will be a number of colorful balloons that are just dying to pop with your gun.

The difficulty is that user only gets a limited number of darts each level, and extra darts do not cumulate over to the further level.

8) Flop shot MiniGolf

This minigolf flash game helps in the proper training of concentration and visual perception.  In this Flop Shot Minigolf game, the user will see a minigolf hole one after the another, for a total of nine holes. The goal of the user is to put the golf ball in the hole in a very less number of strokes possible (same as in golf). To put the ball in the hole, the user has to aim properly and choose the power of the stroke.

9) Eye Tester

This eye tester game helps in building a proper concentration and helps in enhancing brain skills. The user just has to locate the items which are listed at the bottom of the screen. When an item is found, just click on it. A green checkmark will appear and the item will be removed from the list

10) Idiot Test

The Idiot Test is a quite challenging game that helps in building proper concentration and visual attention. There is nothing much to tell about this game. The users have to use their own perception, intellect, and concentration to play this game.

11) Gyro Ball

Gyro ball helps in training proper orientation skills and time management. The user will just 60 seconds to cross each level. So be very careful and quick, the user cannot afford to lose the time while guiding the ball through the 3D maze.

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