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10 Mobile Apps and Chatbots for Exemplary Legal Experience in 2018

May 05, 2018
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In the present era, we have a mobile app for almost everything. Looking for a cab? You have Uber and Ola. Thinking of ordering some food at home/office? Turn towards Zomato and Postmates. Too tired to hit the gym today? Fitbit and Strava are there for you. Need some help in language interpretation? Try Google Translate and WayGo today itself.

10 Mobile Apps and Chatbots for Exemplary Legal Experience in 2018

With a plethora of mobile apps for almost everything, if you are curious to know if there’s an app to help you with legal tasks and handle legal issues, here is a list of popular mobile apps and chatbots you should try today itself:

Ask a Lawyer

Need a legal advice? Why run for a lawyer? Download this app.

This mobile application act as the right platform to come across the best lawyers around the world (and even nearby you). You can chat with them and get all your questions answered which will eventually speed up your legal tasks. Besides, you can also check profiles of different lawyers and save for later assistance or make an in-app call.

Law Dictionary

Have you ever felt trouble with reading a legal document? Have you ever stuck with legal terms? If so, then this app is what you need. Just type the word in the app and you will get an easy-to-understand definition of the same. You can search for any legal term, bookmark it or save for later.

The app is also the right choice for accessing the law journals and case reviews, finding lawyers and much more. Wish to know the cost of such app? Reach to our mobile app developers now.


If you still find no appropriate solution, use this app to find the right lawyer. Available for free on the web, this application helps people connect with the best lawyers and vice versa. You can post your queries and seek the right advice from the registered lawyers. You can further interact with them and get a deal. The app also has the feature of Video conferencing and Advertisement for better app experience.


Making a legal document for the first time? Need guidance? Search for the right template on Shake app and enjoy. Available for both iOS and Android, the app let you view and use templates for different types of agreements and contracts. The available templates are simple, readable and developed by the licensed attorneys. But still, if you need a customized contract, you can create your own legal document on the app. And the plus point, you can get it digital signed as well.


This web mobile app is well-known for providing great assistance to victims of natural disasters like Hurricane, Storm, and Earthquake. The app alerts users about the disaster, keep them updated with the news, help them connect legal professionals and enjoy better assistance in dealing with the situation. In addition to this, the app also offers advice related to various other issues, like getting food stamps, navigation insurance, etc.

iLegal Legislation

This iOS application provides access to content from different legislation units, including UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The app has a user-friendly interface that empowers one to quickly grasp the desired information while saving your time and money.

Not only the industrial leaders but even legal professionals, students, journalists, and historians can use this mobile application for a better understanding of laws and other legal information.


The app provides ultimate online notary service across 50 US states. Developed by the reputed mobile app developer in collaboration with professional, certified notaries, the app is apt for enjoying perfect notary services on demand – anytime and anywhere. The app also empowers users to verify their identity and digitally sign the documents using the device camera.


From traffic ticket to DUI/DWI, share a picture of any legal document along with required details and get legal aid from licensed legal practitioners. The registered lawyers will review your case and interact for providing their services. You can view their profile, discuss the case, negotiate the price, inform about court dates, and much more. No need to go to their cabins anymore!


If you are looking for an assistance in generating and analyzing legal contracts and other documents, this chatbot is the right option for you. And the best part if that you can interact with this bot on Facebook Messenger.

LawGeex LawBot

Just like Legalibot, this chatbot is also developed to help people analyze their legal documents. All you need to do is to share the document with the bot. Integrated with Slack, it will scan and explain each particular section of the contract. It will also provide a feedback about the document and inform you about the missing elements. So next time when you create any legal contract or document, get it analyzed by with bot.

Now as you know about different mobile apps and chatbots that can make legal work easier and effective for you, use them wisely. Besides, if you are into legal business and are planning to invest in legal mobile app development, hire the experts today itself!

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