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4 Shipping Technologies That Make Online Shopping Safer, Faster and More Fun Than Ever

Nov 23, 2017
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Different types of vehicles, equipment, tools, and pieces of technology have made shipping and logistics quicker, easier, and more reliable today. Technology, in particular, has made numerous advances in the shipping, forwarding, and logistics industry which have all helped make online shopping more popular than ever.

4 Shipping Technologies That Make Online Shopping Safer

The presence of a dedicated courier for an online business is one of the most important factors consumers consider when shopping. Customers are more apt to shop online if e-commerce shops don’t have issues regarding late delivery and damaged and lost goods or parcels.

Receiving Your Package:

Finally receiving and opening your parcel is one of the many joys that come with online shopping. Getting it on time and in perfect condition is important, too. Online retailers that have their own delivery system or work with a courier company, therefore, need to use and have access to different technologies.

This will ensure that all customers are satisfied with their purchased items and the delivery time.

These technologies include:

  1. Real-time package tracking

Packages to be delivered typically have barcodes or RFID tags. With the use of tracking software and cloud technology, customers and retailers can monitor every movement of the package.

This can be done by using an app or logging on to the courier’s or shipping company’s website. You will be given a code and when you enter this, you will be able to find out where your order is at the moment: in transit, en route to your home or office, etc.

With tracking technology, you can keep track of your order using your desktop, smartphone, and any mobile device. As long as you have the app, a browser, and an internet connection, you can find out where your package is the current time.

Tracking your parcel is a great way to get an assurance that your order is on its way to you. In addition, you will also have a good idea as to when to expect your package so that you can be at home or in the office to personally receive it.

  1. Delivery alerts or notifications

More people will be interested in online shopping if they automatically receive alerts or notifications from the retailer and/or the courier/shipping company regarding key movements of the package in addition to using a website or app for delivery.

With this additional service, you won’t have to open the retailer or courier/shipping company’s app or website to check where your parcel is. You will receive an SMS or email regarding the status of your package, usually the same details you get when you track it yourself.

However, this will be more convenient since you won’t have to download an app and find an internet connection. You can ensure your order is on its way simply through the messages you receive.

  1. Live Chat

There are different factors that make online shopping fun and satisfying for consumers. One of these is customer service. Many e-commerce sites offer this service before and after sales through their live chat.

Once you’ve purchased a product, you can use live chat to get in touch with the online shop’s representative immediately. You can also ask the agent for a status update regarding your order.

If you want some details regarding the movement of your parcel, the live chat rep can track your order and you simply wait for the info.

  1. E-signature on delivery

Lastly, you don’t want to lose your ordered item simply because the delivery man left it on your porch or doorstep. Parcel theft can be prevented by making sure the courier company that will deliver your order strictly follows a signature-required delivery protocol. This is to ensure that you yourself will receive the package and not the wrong person.

The best courier and shipping companies use hand-held PDA units to get your signature instead of paper invoices. With this technology, you can do away with signing several pieces of paper. As such, it’s an eco-friendly delivery method.

If you have the option of choosing a shipping or courier company to deliver your purchased goods, make sure you choose one that utilizes the latest technology. You will enjoy a lot of benefits, including peace of mind that you will get your order on time and in perfect condition.


Naveen Joseph is the Head of Operations – UAE for Fetchr which supports both B2B, B2C and peer2peer deliveries in the Middle East. Fetchr is a technology solution that makes shipping as delightful as shopping and helps local merchants and global brands build, launch and grow profitable e-commerce and online businesses.

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