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5 Reasons To Choose A Chromebook As Your Next Laptop

Dec 12, 2019
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Have you been interested in making the switch to using a Chromebook as your next laptop? If so, you’ll want to check out this post as we cover some of the main reasons as to why making the move could be worth it. 

5 Reasons To Choose A Chromebook As Your Next Laptop - TechFriend.IN

However, Chromebooks can be fantastic for getting your work completed smoothly. There are some misconceptions about Chromebooks, which we clear up below. 

After reading this post, you’ll be feeling more confident about whether a Chromebook is the right choice for your next laptop. 

Easy Migrating

If you’ve used a Windows laptop before, you’ll already be aware of how much of a hassle it can be to make a migration to a new laptop with a Windows operating system. 

Regardless of whether the Windows operating system is the same, it can still be difficult at times. People often become frustrated with how they haven’t found a way to make the entire process easier yet. 

The migration process involves having to manually move all of your files that come from outside programs, such as video editing software. 

Whereas, when you use a Chromebook, you can simply log in to your account and you’re able to access everything, without the necessity for moving files over manually and wasting time. 

Smoother Updates

One of the other major problems that people run into when it comes to using Windows is that the updates can be horrendous. It has become common for Windows users to experience update problems on a regular basis.

Many users dread seeing that it’s time for an update just in anticipation of how troublesome the update might be. However, people who use Chromebooks are able to avoid these updates nightmares altogether.

This is because the Chrome operating system has more regular updates that break it down into smaller chunks. Therefore, there’s not as much to update in one go, meaning that the updates go a lot smoother. 

Typically, the Chrome operating system has an update once per 6 weeks. We like how these updates can also be completed remarkably quickly. Many people are able to start their updates and have them completed within just a couple of minutes, and not a couple of hours as is the case with lots of Windows updates. 

Not to mention, the security of the Chrome operating system can be better than Windows. While the Chrome operating system isn’t completely invulnerable to security issues, it seems to be less frequent compared to Windows operating systems. 

Get Work Done Offline

One of the most common misconceptions about using Chromebooks is that they become completely useless if you’re not connected to the internet. Well, this simply isn’t the case.

In fact, you’re able to get more done offline with Chromebooks than many other laptops. When you’re disconnected from the internet, you’re provided with the ability to still use your Gmail, calendar, editing software, and even Google Docs. Not to mention, your music and other entertainment can still play. 

Therefore, the idea that Chromebooks main attraction is the Chrome internet browser isn’t completely true. There’s plenty more to offer that could benefit you when trying to work offline. 

Files Are Safer

Another one of the huge upsides to using a Chromebook is that you’re able to have better peace of mind in knowing that you can keep your files safer. 

If you accidentally damage your laptop that has a Windows operating system, the only way of keeping your files secure is to have backed them up at a previous date. However, not everyone thinks about these kinds of precautions until it’s too late and their laptop is broken with no way of restoring their files.

If you go through the exact same scenario with a Chromebook, your files can be accessed very easily. If you break a Chromebook by accident and it’s irreparable, you can simply sign in to your account on a new Chromebook and all of your data can be saved to let you carry on where you left off. 

Versatile Operating Systems

We’ve also been impressed with the versatility of the operating systems that can be used with Chromebooks. You’re provided with the opportunity to use Android and Linux programs which means that you have more freedom.

In addition to this, Chromebook has also made it so that you’re able to make use of certain Windows programs. This can be a great feature for people who have been using Windows and want to make the switch while still maintaining some familiarity of the previous operating system that they’ve been used to using. 


That brings our post on why you should be using Chromebooks to an end. Ultimately, Chromebooks aren’t going to be for everyone. However, they have a lot more to offer than what they’re typically represented as. 

They’re fantastic for letting you complete work smoothly, whether you have a connection to the internet or not. You’re able to keep all of your files safe without the hassle of having to back them up, the updates are a lot smoother, and migrating to new Chromebooks is super easy. 

If you were after a laptop to use for gaming, Chromebooks may not be your best option. You can check out some of the best gaming laptops under $400.

Some people may genuinely prefer using MacOS and Windows operating systems. The purpose of this post was to provide you with more details surrounding the main reasons as to why a Chromebook could be the next best choice for you.

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