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9 Ways Technology Has Transformed Today’s Gaming Industry

Aug 16, 2018
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Remember when video games were still in black and white?

You had so much fun back then even if they weren’t in full color. But now, with countless technological advancements, everything seems so real that it’s hard to take your eyes off of the screen for one second.

9 Ways Technology Has Transformed Today’s Gaming Industry - TechFriend.IN

What has changed since then in the games you know and love?

Get to know the advantages offered by the developments in technology by looking at how they have transformed today’s gaming industry.

1. Facial recognition

With 3D scanning technology and facial recognition, you can now create a custom avatar that represents you. What’s more, you can transmit your expressions into the avatar you’ve created.

Game developers are now able to design games which are capable of adjusting to the gamers’ emotions by simply scanning their faces. For instance, if you smirk at the game screen, the system will decrease the game difficulty in a split second.

2. Voice recognition

When you’re too focused on the game and can’t fetch the controller, voice recognition is the answer. Various computers can now recognize a user’s voice command.

With this technology, you can turn the console on and off. Moreover, voice commands allow you to control gameplay and search online without even lifting a finger.

3. Gesture control

With a few hand gestures, RealSense technology allows users to play first-person shooter games. By making use of a 3D camera that can track 22 points in a human hand, gesture control lets you engage in games by using your body’s natural movements.

4. Enhanced graphics

Recall the games you used to play before. They don’t have complicated textures, sprites, or shaders found in today’s modern games. But as time passed, major advances have been made in graphics on various gaming platforms.

Through hardware updates, today’s technology has enabled substantial graphics enhancement.

Compared to games from way back when which had limited processors, now there are more things you can do in a game. You can relish in high-speed hardware where there’s more room for pixels, instructions, and shading on a massive scale.

5. Three-dimensional games

Two-dimensional games have limitations that the possibilities of what you can do eventually are exhausted sooner or later.

5. Three-dimensional games

Good thing, you can now enjoy three-dimensional games which look even better due to the improvements in graphics software. The development of the third dimension has led to the progress of how games look and feel today — uncannily realistic!

6. Cloud gaming

Rather than focusing on creating game systems that need formidable and expensive hardware, game developers are now using the cloud.

Games are no longer limited by the memory on discs or consoles. With the cloud, games are open to large server size limits where images flow to the gamers’ screens via the Internet.

7. Artificial intelligence

A game where there’s no one to play against can be quite a boring experience.

But when artificial intelligence (AI) comes to play, it will seem as if you’re playing versus a real human. Nowadays, AI is starting to mimic humans which has made the gaming experience more fun and challenging.

8. Mobile gaming

Why stay in your living room when you can play wherever you want using your smartphone?

Mobile technology has made it possible for gamers to play with their mobile devices and get into the spirit of the game on their way to work or when simply passing the time.

Anytime, anywhere, all you have to do is tap on your smartphone and let the game provide the rest of the entertainment.

9. Online multiplayer

Irrespective of your fellow gamers’ locations, you can still play and engage together with them online. Whether you are playing fighting games or multiplayer shooting games, you can connect with your teammates through an online society.

However impossible it may have been before, online multiplayer games have made it feasible to team up with other players through the Internet.

Through the years, the gaming industry will continue to evolve and create even more wonders for gamers.

Although it’s impossible to predict what will happen in the future, the fact remains that technology only has one way to go – and that is always forward.


Sandra Gomez has been Marketing Director of Pomu Network LLC since 2003, and is responsible for marketing programs, brand management and corporate sponsorships. Her most recent project is the international expansion of Pomu Network LLC’s network of casual online game sites, reaching countries that were not previously in the company’s market.

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