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Best IPTV Players For Windows 10/8/7 (Download FREE)

Oct 11, 2019
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With the advancement of technology, ITPV players are shifting towards one of the most popular platforms when it comes to streaming your favorite online TV shows. 

However, how to locate the Best IPTV players for Windows 10/8/7 in the year 2019 is quite a challenging task when you have only a TV set available at the moment? 

Best IPTV Players For Windows 10/8/7 (Download FREE) - TechFriend.IN

Well, this post carries all the resolutions to turn your monotonous days into an active one. Moreover, you can get it by accessing the best broadcasting and TV shows via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, channels.

To experience the dynamism of IPTV player PC sites, we have gathered the top-notch collection for you, so that you can stream it on your android device and even on your Windows 10, 8, & 7. 

No matter whether you are in offices, schools, or hotels, you can always be connected to watch live TV shows, news reports, TV replays, VODs, and more. It seems Interesting!

So, why to waste time while just sitting and thinking about it?

Through the post, you can download your desired IPTV player site on your device among the various options displayed below.

Know About The Best IPTV Players For Windows 10/8/7:

You can pick your preferred choice from the below list, and to do, we are jotting down the best IPTV players for both Windows and Android. Have a look at it.


When it comes to its availability, it’s readily available for FREE. MyIPTV is one of the spectacular IPTV players that you can run on your Windows 10/8/7. While visiting this player, you can easily play live TV shows and videos using M3U playlists. MyIPTV gives you an easy user interface while using it.

How can you select a path to run it?

Select the ‘Settings’ option->Add the latest (NEW) playlist & EPG source-> Add the list of local channels or (M3U playlist)-> Move back to the ‘Settings’ option-> Choose the channel playlist & press the refresh button.

2. VLC Media Player

How can we forget this famous player named as VLC Media Player? It’s one of the widely used IPTV players of all time that you can run on your Windows 10, 8 & 7.

Apart from playing the local video files, this media player also allows you to play IPTV contents using M3U format files. All you have to do follow the below path to stream the live IPTV contents on your Windows.

How can you select a path to run it?

Launch/ Open the VLC media player-> Move to the ‘Media’ – > From the dropdown that opens choose ‘Open Network System’ -> Paste the M3U playlist.

3. Kodi

Similar VLC Media Player, Kodi is the another best platform that allows you to play both the local media along with the live digital channels & VoD (Videos On Demand).

Please make a note that there are various 3rd part add-ons for Kodi that are available. However, there are specific add-ons that are illegal to use.

So, before installing any add ons on your Windows, firstly go through it. Moreover, this IPTV player also allows you to select some of your best VPN services to protect your credentials and stay anonymous.

How can you select a path to run it?

For, this requires simple steps. All you have to do is, open the Kodi application-> Tap on ‘TV or Radio’ -> Enter the URL.

4. Free TV Player

As the name suggests, its a Free IPTV player for Windows. It’s the best player to stream your favorite online TV channels, movies, series, and you can even listen to the radio.

To start loading channels, you have to do a simple task, and this is that you have to open the app & paste the M3U playlist URL. Congratulations! You can play any TV channels now.

5. GSE Smart IPTV

If you are finding for such player that includes Xtream codes API, EPG XMLTV formats, parental control, Chromecast and more, then there could be nothing better than a GSE Smart IPTV.

It’s one of the best IPTV players for Android OS that you can use to stream online videos. It’s an advanced IPTV app that supports all the popular formats like MPEG, VRO, MPG, FLV, and more. Additionally, it supports live streaming formats like M3U8, HTTP, RTSP. Amazing!


IPTV is a technology that is intended to give you an appearance of a digital world via digital television service to their subscribers using a medium called internet protocol. Although there are lots of IPTV players available in the market. However, we have mentioned the top IPTV players for you.

We hope that you’ll like this post and if there’s any service that we missed out here. Please do mention it in the comments below. 

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