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Free Training Courses from Google with certification

May 28, 2017
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Dailly so many people spend their valuable times on social media, some of them unemployed and struggling for a job, but most of them are just unqualified for the job they want. But if you have enough skills to follow step by step tutorials, you can just spend few hours in a week to learn new skills online and start earning a decent income. There are many websites to learn new skills, also now organization like Google also offer so many FREE courses.
Even if you don’t have the interest in online jobs but still have some free time, you can take free Training Courses from Google and get Certification which will pimp up your CV.

The Google is a very big organization, provides certification to people who are unable to get an education from anywhere. They provide the free training courses, which you can find on Google training website. They would give you some videos and content that would help you to learn about a particular thing.

Topic Library:

If you are very new in the online digital world and you don’t have much knowledge about it, your first step should be gain some digital knowledge. Hence Google have a large collection of courses on everything from search to social media, to help you grow your business or career. There is a complete topic library where you can find all the topics and courses which Google offer free of cost. Therefore, you just need to sign up and start learning the course. They would provide you all material of learning in the course lesson by lesson.


Build your Android development skills:

Build your Android development skills

If you want to become the Android developer then you can choose this course on Google. They will teach you everything from beginning to end. They would give you basic information about the Android that how it would, how it was established, and what was the purpose of creating Android and basic codes of Android. Further, they would teach designing methods which Google uses for creating Android features and functions.


Master web development:

Master web development

The master web development course will teach you basic concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that would help you to build a responsive website easily. For building a progressive website, you must know the basic concepts of HTML and CSS, which would lead you to write authentic code of any programming language.

In the course, you will learn that how making a responsive website for any of the device and learn how to make the user experience better for users on the website.


Entrepreneurship skills:

It is a most versatile course that would boost your skills and abilities. In this course, they would teach you how to market the web application and mobile app online. Everyone wants to promote the application and website online nowadays and you can earn good amount of money by learning this course. Further, they would teach you how doing product designing


It is easy to start learning these above courses, you just need to sign up on Google and can access of the course easily. They would make you professional android and website developer and will not charge any of the fees. Further, the certification would be given to you without charging any penny, but you have to complete the course within the duration of being eligible for Google Certification.

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