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How Cybercriminals Hack Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat Passwords

Jul 30, 2019
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Cybersecurity is a big challenge for the world these days. It has become worse with the passage of time. People don’t know but they are hacked and their data is stolen. Hackers use various options and tools.

How Cybercriminals Hack Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat Passwords

In this post, we will guide the users about the possible ways hackers use to hack Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. It is also important that users practice healthy tech habits so that they can stop such attempts. 

Ways Hackers Use for Hacking

Over the years, methods to hack any phone or app have changed. There was a time when the text messages were used to hack phones, record calls and get access to the user data. Hackers used to send codes which prompted users to open them. The moment they opened the messages, their security was compromised. However, these methods don’t work anymore. But the hackers have also got smarter with new technologies. Below are some of the options commonly used by hackers? 

Using Third-Party Apps

When someone downloads and install an app from unofficial sources, there are chances they will end up getting hacked. These apps contain virus or malware which infects the whole device. With this, the data, photos, apps and everything are compromised. Users may not know about it but they could have been hacked. This way, hackers get access to Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and other apps they want to check. This method is still used these days

Using Spyware

Using Spyware

Spyware is common these days. We see many users complaining about having installed spyware on their computers, devices, and phones. Usually, hackers convince users to download files but they contain spyware app. When the file is downloaded, it hacks the phone making it easy for the users to access the data. You may also get spyware while you are browsing on the internet and clicked on a suspicious link. 

Using Public WiFi

For many people, it may be unbelievable to know that the internet is also used as a tool and option to hack apps and phones. Normally, public WiFi connections are not secure. Everyone uses them which make it easy for hackers to hack phones and devices using such a connection. They infect the WiFi with malware and whoever uses the internet gets it on their device. It becomes hard for users than to remove such stuff and keep their phones protected. 

Using Spy Apps

Many of you may not be familiar with the spy apps. But they have become common nowadays. In fact, spy apps are more powerful than any other tool when it comes to hacking a phone and hack social media apps. The spy apps are installed on the target phones. Once the app has been installed, the target phone is hacked. It lets people get access to all the data and information on that phone or device. Users will not know if their phone is being spied upon because spy apps don’t leave any signs. 

How to Prevent Hacking Attempts?

Below are a few tips that will help people keep their phones safe. 

Set Strong Password

Always set strong passwords. Users can also use face ID, iris scanner and fingerprints. But the passwords should be safe and not shared with anyone otherwise your phone will be hacked. 

Use Secure Internet

Make sure you use safe and personal internet. Public WiFi will make your phone vulnerable to such hacking attacks. 

Don’t Give Phone to Anyone

Keep your phone safe. Don’t give it to anyone you are suspicious about. They may install any spy app or malware on your device in order to hack it. 

Do Safe Browsing

Internet browsing is a big issue when it comes to security. Many sites are not safe. So users should be really careful about this and visit safe websites.

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