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Is Technology Impacting Modern Education?

Jun 26, 2019
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The use of technology in modern education is a much-debated topic the world over. People definitely have different opinions about the use of technology in modern education. Whether you agree or not, technology is used in the modern classroom more than ever. It is considered that modern technology is helping to enhance the learning of the students and teaching of the teachers. The advancement in the field of technology helps the pupil with different resources to boost their learning along with assisting teachers to incorporate technology to make their teaching more enjoyable.

Is Technology Impacting Modern Education?

Without a doubt, technology is impacting modern education. Technology has a lot of impact on roughly all aspects of our life these days, and the field of education is no exception. Modern classrooms do not look much different from past classrooms. However, you will be able to see modern students looking at their tablets, laptops, or smartphones rather than books. Technology has greatly transformed education in many ways and also it has very much widened access to education.

 Many people consider that technology in the classroom denotes carrying laptops, tablets, and smartphones into the college or classroom. It is a wrong perception because technology can, in reality, be the main tool to find more academic resources and connect with their studies, classmates, and teachers even after leaving the classroom or college. Electronic documents, virtual labs, electronic textbooks, and unlimited free online resources give students incredible educational experiences. Let’s have a look at how technology impacts modern education: 

Enhance Communication and Collaboration

One of the most notable impacts that technology brought to the modern education is improved communication and collaboration. Modern technological tools offer opportunities for better communication and collaboration. By tradition, communication and collaboration have been restricted to students in the classroom or college, school and university building. Chatting, emailing and videoconference facilities help students to share what they are learning with students in other classrooms or in the same classroom. Students can work together on group projects by means of technological tools such as Google docs and wikis. So, technology certainly offers fresh ways of communication, learning, and collaboration. 

Anytime or Anywhere Education

It the modern day, students can acquire education anytime and from anywhere thanks to technology. E-learning or online education has transformed education completely. Today, students can obtain more efficient education at the comfort of their home or from anywhere they are in. because of the global reach of the Internet and the availability of smart technology devices, a new phenomenon of any time anywhere education is becoming popular amid pupils around the world.

Is Technology Impacting Modern Education?

More and more college and universities are aware that students are interested in online or e-learning and they offer more courses online which lets students pursue effective and efficient education anytime and anywhere.

Access to Educational Resources

 It is true that technology makes access to educational resources simpler. Technology assists students to get hold of educational resources that let them enhance their learning. Internet is a great platform that presents you with more education resources.  Internet or World Wide Web gives students educational resources including electronic books (e-books), educational videos and instructions, digital libraries, podcasts, educational games, tutorials, etc to make things easier. Websites like Youtube, 02 Learn, TeacherTube etc presents free online lessons and videos to students. Students and teachers can access educational information by means Edtech Apps.

Developed Teaching and Learning Process

Technology has improved the teaching and learning process. Teachers have understood how to combine technology in their classrooms and students are learning with technology. Modern advancements in technology have grabbed positive results by supporting teaching and learning procedures. Technology has made classrooms digitized. You can observe digital learning tools like, computers, iPads, smartphones, smart digital whiteboards, etc that support learning and teaching in the classrooms these days. 

Increase Student’s Engagement and Motivation

 The use of technology in the classroom has increased student’s engagement and motivation. The use of educational technologies has improved students interest in learning. Teachers make use of educational video lectures and visual tools to teach students which make students love to learn. With the incorporation of technology in the classroom, students learn by doing and researching which aids students to be active in learning and become loving about what they are learning.

Unlocks Educational Boundaries

Technology has helped to unlock educational borders. Technology enables virtual or online learning.  It lets people escape from physical classrooms. Virtual or online learning is flexible and students from dissimilar places and even countries can attend very similar class with no need of traveling from their locations. Working people or parents can fulfill their dream of pursuing a degree or higher education through online learning. 

Enhance Technology Skills

In the present day, one of the important skills that students possess is technical skills. If used properly, mobile devices and laptops will assist students to prepare for their future careers. When you apply for a job post, the employers check for your technology skills and they hire people who are more skilled in different technology mediums. Using a computer or laptops to take notes when the professor take class or writing assignments can help students to improve their writing and learning skills. Using modern technology in the classroom gives students the chance to expand their digital or technology skills and let them know how to use technology appropriately and responsibly.

To Conclude:

Technology has rooted its way deeply into the education field. It has widened education and course offerings. Modern technology has enhanced student’s engagement and drive towards learning. It lets teachers make teaching more effective and entertaining. Technology is an influential means that can back up and transform education in lots of ways. It makes easier for teachers to generate instructional materials and offers fresh ways for pupils to learn and collaborate. With modern technology, students can connect with their teachers, access resources, and complete assignments using the web at any time and wherever they are in. Modern communication tools like email; texting, instant messaging, and video calling enhance learning if used properly.

Author Bio: Christina is a professional content writer. She started her career as a tutor and later, shifted her career into writing. She is a committed writer and always searches for enhancing her writing skills and knowledge. She presently works for Essays Chief which is one of the best academic essay writing services online.

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