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Latest Tech Toys Inc The Awesome Remote Control Balance Robot

Oct 07, 2016
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Toy robots are cool but this latest innovation takes them to a whole new level. It is a self-balancing robot on 2 wheels that will never fall over. The Balance Master self-balancing Robot is on 2 wheels, and has 5 realistic operating modes: Dancing, Boxing, Driving, Loading, Gesture.


You can buy this self-balancing robot on Amazon.com here: Self Balancing Robot @ Amazon

For UK version go here: Remote Control Balance Robot Toy for Kids

iPhone Portable Charger:

Whether you have managed to get hold of one of Apple’s new cut-price iPhone handsets or your existing one is getting a little long in the tooth, one essential accessory is a half decent case. The second essential is an extended battery which will let you talk, text and surf all day long.

Actually what you need is the Energizer AP1000 iPhone Power Pack. Slide your iPhone into the AP1000 so it plugs into the dock connector and you’re ready to go for a whole day (or more) of mobile telecommunications excitement. And the case will even protect your iPhone from some of the bumps and knocks of everyday use.

Using their battery industry expertise, Energizer has developed a 1000mAh rechargeable battery to provide an extra boost for your handset when you need it. The Energizer boffins have even managed to squeeze all this extra juice into a unit which adds just 1 ounce to the overall weight of your phone.

And when your AP1000 starts to flag, use the supplied AC adaptor to top it up, ready for your next extended iPhone session. And in the event you are away from a power socket for any period of time, the AP1000 can even be charged from a standard PC or laptop USB port using the cable provided.

The AP1000 has been approved by Apple as WWI (Works With iPhone) so you can be sure that this external battery case is of the highest quality. Power and protection from Energizer with the AP1000 iPhone Power Pack.

Top Choice:

The best tech toy is without a doubt the awesome Self balancing robot toy.

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