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Samsung Galaxy A40 vs Vivo V15 Pro, Which One to Choose?

Jul 17, 2019
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Samsung is in no need for an introduction. One of the world’s leading smartphones, manufacturers, there is no doubt that Samsung produces one of the best smartphones in terms of features, functionality, and performance. 

Vivo is a Chinese technology company which has recently surfaced as a smartphone manufacturer. The company develops software for its phones, distributed through its Vivo App Store with iManager included in their proprietary. 

Samsung Galaxy A40 vs Vivo V15 Pro

In this article, we will look at an in-depth comparison between Samsung A40 and Vivo V15 Pro. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it. 

Body and Display

The Vivo A15 Pro was launched just a month before the Samsung A40; February 2019. The A40 has a screen size of 5.9 inches and weighs in at 140 g whereas the Vivo V15 Pro measures at 6.39 inches and has a weight of 185g. 

Both the phones have a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340. However, since A40 has a smaller screen size, it has a greater pixel per inch density of 437 as compared to the V15 Pro’s 404. This means that the A40 has a sharper display since it has more pixels per inch as compared to the V15 Pro. 


Both the phones run the latest version Android 9.0 –Pie. Samsung has always released its phone with the vanilla flavor (stock) of the Android versions. However, Vivo runs the FunTouch9 skin, which is just a layer added on top of the stock Android version to make the phone more brand compliant. Other manufacturers also have their own versions which they maintain such as Oxygen OS by OnePlus, EMUI by Huawei and ColorOS by Oppo. 

A40 houses an Exynos 7904 (14nm) chipset whereas the V15 Pro has the Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675 (11nm). Both the phones run an Octa-core CPU. However, A40 runs on the Mali-G71 MP2 GPU and the V15 Pro comes with Adreno 612 in-build GPU. 


Samsung A40 provides an internal storage capacity of 64 GB with a 4 GB RAM. Vivo V15 Pro provides a 128 GB internal storage capacity with an option for a 6 GB or an 8 GB RAM. Even though V15 Pro might seem to have more internal space, it supports a microSD card of only up to 256 GB whereas the A40 allows the microSD to be of a size up to 1 TB which is 4 times greater than its counterpart. 


The A40 comes with a built-in main camera at 16MP and a selfie camera at 25 MP, both capable of shooting 1080p videos at 30 FPS. However, this is where the Vivo V15 Pro takes the battle. It has 3 cameras which work together using artificial intelligence to capture a single shot. The 3 cameras have a working resolution of 48 MP, 8 MP and 5 MP respectively. It also has a motorized pop-up selfie camera with a resolution of 32MP. The main cameras allow shooting 2160po videos at 30 FPS or 1080p ones at 60 FPS. The features provided by V15 Pro clearly outmatch A40 in this comparison. 


Both the phones run on non-removable Li-ion batteries. A40 uses a small battery at 3100 mAh and a fast-charging option at 15W whereas the Vivo V15 Pro has a larger battery of 3700 mAh and a fast-charging capacity at 18W which gives a longer battery life and a faster charging option. 


Both the phones come with stock fingerprint sensors, accelerometers, gyros, compasses, and proximity sensors. However, the Samsung A40 also comes with the ANT+ sensor, which allows you to view your sport, fitness, and health monitoring data in real-time on your mobile device. 

Price Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy A40 is available for PKR 40,999 whereas the Vivo V15 Pro costs PKR 59,999. 


Vivo V15 Pro takes the bout because it provides a very impressive camera, a larger battery life, a larger RAM which means you can open up multiple applications without the fear of the phone getting stuck and has a very cool pop up selfie camera. The Samsung A40 might be the obvious choice if you’re looking for an economical choice but as far as features are concerned, Vivo V15 Pro is an unmatched marvel of beauty.

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