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EXCLUSIVE: Social Media Expert Germany Kent Reveals Important Online Branding Tips

May 16, 2017
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“The You Are What You Tweet” author talks about the power of technology to enact social change, reveals Important Online Branding Tips.Germany Kent social media etiquette expert award winning author media personality book kent at TechFriend.IN

We live in a world where if you are not on social media you are not keeping up with the times. In this day of extensive social media posting, personal branding is an important factor for people to consider. We thought it would be interesting to get some insight from Germany Kent, author of You Are What You Tweet, about online branding because if we have questions, perhaps you do too. In this exclusive interview with Tech Friend.IN, we hope you will find the answers to some of your lingering questions. Even if you don’t, Kent shares a wealth of interesting, eye-opening, thought-provoking points. Check out the insightful interview below.

  1. Why is personal branding so important on the Internet?

Personal branding is “key” because it translates what you want your audience to see and know about you by improvising an effective marketing campaign using limited resources. Moreover, social media begins with a story – your story. As such it is your ideas that are represented on your social media channels and it is your responsibility to make sure that the messages you are putting out into the world are consistent with the ideal brand you are trying to create and also complimentary to your values. Social media is your platform to build a unique fan base while you express yourself exactly how you see yourself. Build wisely.

  1. Why do people need to be concerned with content they post online?

The best approach is to think about your social media messages as a billboard posting. If you would not write it [your message] and sign your name to it and post it up on a billboard, then don’t post it on the Internet. While this may sound like an easy concept to grasp, most people do not use self-discipline before posting, sharing, reposting, and or commenting on a post. It is increasingly critical to be conscious of everything you put your signature behind. And now, the essence of over-sharing can be dangerous too. The best approach is a systematized, predictable flow of content that reflects your life and work in a positive way. The benefit is If you are your authentic self online, you will attract external partners who share similar passions.

  1. Can you share an example of over posting?

YES, a string of messages about where you are going, what you are doing every second, posting that you are bored, hungry, want to harm yourself or others, or any postings about having a disagreement with someone, or expressing frustration with someone online. Expressing such things online is not going to win you any new fans. The strength of social media is it allows you to get your message out to the world. However, one has to be extremely cautious with the over sharing of messages which are contrary to the type of brand you are trying to build. All the things I’ve ever wanted to say suddenly I’ve been bold enough to say them on social media, however that does not mean that I should share messages that leave nothing to the imagination and or posts that are insulting, demeaning to others or could potentially be damaging to my reputation. The best thing to do is to be mindful of others, show humility and empathy toward others, and opt to “add value” rather than just adding content.

  1. How has sharing this book been useful?

It has been wonderful sharing creative strategies for utilizing Twitter and social media for "You are what you tweet" by Germany Kentthe personal development of other digital citizens. The ability to add to the national conversation about cyberbullying and digital marketing has subsequently enabled me to speak with students across the country on social media ethics. In advocating for social media etiquette and sharing positivity on social media platforms, it has been interesting to witness those with the willingness to change direction and begin to use social media for good. The more people who have taken notice of the message the more others have decided to get involved. It has been extremely satisfying to use a book’s message [such as this one], about personal branding and technology, to generate awareness and create advocates for media inclusion worldwide.

  1. What do you mean by “Harness the Power of Twitter to create”?

Social media brands faster than any other marketing plan and for much cheaper. Thanks to social media we are smarter and more resourceful. Utilizing social media in positive ways can inspire innovation, which has three major benefits. First, it is educational: it enables us to be more aware of resources readily available to us in our society. Second, it is informative: it enables us to keep abreast of current events even as they rapidly change before our eyes. Third: Social media is thought-provoking: it can, therefore, tap into our wisdom and unleash creativity within us to make us question how we feel about certain issues, thus expanding our horizons. Further, rather than merely seeking to harness the power of twitter why not harness the power of facebook, Instagram, snap chat, Pinterest, LinkedIn or whatever your social network is. Delivering messages that are consistent with your core values, allows you to tap into something bigger than yourself, thus inspiring and unleashing the passion of other individuals and channeling this into innovation that they too will serve a greater purpose on social media to aspire to inspire before they expire.

  1.  What do you hope people will take away from the book?

There are three major benefits I hope people will take away from the book. First, think before you post. Every message that is put onto the Internet is digitally archived or stored in a cloud somewhere. Always be mindful that the message you post could potentially cost you a job, scholarship or even a friendship. Do not post anything that you would not be happy for the whole world to see. Second, tweet others the way you want to be tweeted. Hopefully, the book will be a compass for developing more compassion and passion. I hope people will pursue their intuition to successfully navigate a highly respectable environment on social media with an innate empathy for others and innovate breakthroughs with their words and efforts to improve the lives of others in our global social community. Third: You are what you tweet. Finally, the main thing to remember is you are responsible for everything you post, and to always be mindful that everything you post will be a reflection of you, your character, and your brand.

GERMANY KENT, a trained journalist, and trusted media resource, social activist, social media etiquette expert and philanthropist, is the best-selling and award-winning author of 10 motivational/self-development books including You Are What You Tweet and The Hope Handbook Series. She has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, The Examiner, Bloomberg Business, The Dallas Morning News, NPR, ABC, CBS, FOX, iHeart Radio and countless others. Kent has been named one of the top 100 most influential people on Twitter, top 100 in social media marketing, top 100 influencers and brands and top 100 people to follow on Twitter.

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