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How to speed up a slow android phone in 5 minutes or less

Jun 24, 2017
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Almost everyone around the world using the Android phones. The large population of the world does not use Apple products because of the high cost and prefer to purchase Android phones, which are available cheap in cost and easy to use.

Techniques and tips to speed up a slow android phone in 5 minutes or less.

Due to the low configuration in some of the Android Smartphone models, the speed of processing any action becomes slow due to which people do not like to use it and want to speed up the phone. Here are the few techniques and tips to speed up a slow android phone in 5 minutes or less.

Turn off background app running:

Sometimes we install an application, which continually works even when you are not using it. These applications do not stop and keep running which takes the resource and RAM memory of the mobile and become the cause for slow down the mobile. You should check if any of the apps running in the background then close it. Some mobile has an inbuilt option to disable background running. If this feature isn’t available on your phone, just download and install this APP

Turn off automatic apps and data downloading:

Most of us do not turn off automatic apps, updates and downloading due to which, when any app gets new update start downloading and upgrading which makes your phone slower. Therefore, you should turn it off this feature so that it does not take all resources of your phone.

Free up storage space:

The mobile gets slower when you put many things in the mobile memory, the operating system required some space for running application, which creates the temporary file. If you overload the mobile with lots of data then none of the space will remain to run temporary files phone will not work fast and get slower. Therefore, always keep certain space in your mobile so that the operating system could work perfectly.

Reset your phone:

You can use this option after applies all other techniques for creating space. Due to the virus that comes with applying or browsing on your mobile, can slow down your phone. Therefore, first you should run the antivirus application and still, if your phone does not work properly, then reset your phone to factory unlock, it would remove everything from your phone including data and application. Therefore, you can take a backup before resetting the mobile so that you can install again easily. But it would refresh your phone and remove all viruses.

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