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Stop spam emails, Stop Facebook, Twitter spam

May 08, 2013
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Stop spamming emails

how to stop spaming

Instances of email spam creeping into your inbox have reduced drastically with email providers deploying smarter algorithms to catch inbound mails from suspicious mail servers. There is very little you can do apart from maintaining white lists or filters for your email inbox to ensure you’re only troubled by email that you really want. However, for people who use a desktop email client like Outlook or Thunderbird, definitely check out something like SpamBayes – a cross platform spam filter. It requires users to train the filter, as you classify spam and ham (non-spam, legit) emails in your inbox, and with time the filter gets better. To deal with newsletter spam in your inbox, check out Unroll.me, a beta service that lets you easily fight newsletter spam in your Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo mail inbox. Alternatively, you can also add the Unsubscribe.com Chrome extension which lets you easily drop out of mailing lists in your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook inbox.

Stop Facebook, Twitter spam


For all its privacy fiasco and social blunders in the past, Facebook, despite being a behemoth in the social media space, offers robust built-in features to block and minimize your exposure to spam messages. The ability to block anything within Face book is controlled via the Blocking feature available in your account’s Privacy Settings. Through this one serene, you can block Facebook users, apps, event invites and app invites, all in one go. You can also discreetly maintain a restricted list of users – people who aren’t part of your inner circle – and Facebook automatically restricts them to view only your public updates. Additionally, you can install apps like Norton Safe Web which automatically scans through your Facebook feed to weed out and eliminate nefarious, spammed links. Twitter is besieged with spam accounts spewing spam tweet. The low tech, manual way to block a suspected spam account is by visiting its profile page, click on the black silhouette icon and click “Block” or “Report for spam” Alternatively, you can also check out services like http://stoptweet.com which identifies all spam accounts following you, deleting them, and protecting your Twitter account from spammers in the future.

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