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Smart Techniques to Improve Smartwatch Battery Life

Feb 05, 2022
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Smartwatches are one of the most useful devices that today’s generation loves to wear. Whether you want to monitor your heart rate or count the number of steps you walked, a smartwatch gives you all this and much more. Some people also wear it as a fashion statement as it looks trendy.

Smart Techniques to Improve Smartwatch Battery Life

A smartwatch, as the name suggests is a watch with smart features. It consists of a touch screen that shows many pieces of information. These include biomedical data, time, calculations, etc. In some smartwatches, in-built games are also available.

The latest models of smartwatches allow data and Bluetooth connectivity. They are also linked with an application that you can run on your smartphone or computer. The battery of the smartwatch is mostly rechargeable lithium-ion.

Due to the presence of so many features, it is evident that the battery life will be shorter than expected. However, as the user would like to wear it all the time during working hours, charging it multiple times is not desirable.

Therefore, in this write-up, we have mentioned some simple yet useful ways to Improve the Battery Life of Smartwatch. Are you wondering how to run your smartwatch for a longer duration, the points mentioned below shall help you?

Disable Certain Features:

Your smartwatch contains many features that the developer has provided for your convenience. However, these may cause the battery to exhaust faster. So, you should switch these specifications off.

Smart Techniques to Improve Smartwatch Battery Life

The foremost feature you should disable is the Always On mode. It’s true it increases the longevity of the touch screen. It happens as the user does not have to touch it from time and again. However, this largely drains the battery as the screen is simply on all the time. You certainly do not view the screen during the entire time you wear the smartwatch. Thus, it is unwise if you leave the screen on.

One of the features that may decrease the battery life of your smartwatch is the Touch-to-Wake or Tilt-to-Wake options. These work on the movement sensor embedded inside the smartwatch. If you do not switch these off, these features shall switch the screen on every time you tilt or accidentally touch the interface. Thus, please disable these modes as well.

If your smartwatch has an in-built microphone, you should disable the Ok Google mode without fail. Sometimes, without our knowledge, the Google Assistant gets activated. This might turn on the screen, use the Assistant’s voice, and also show some search results. All this shall use up battery power, even when you do not require them.

Adjust Screen Brightness :

This is another essential step to Improve Smartwatch Battery Life. The brightness in any smart gadget by default is often towards the maximum. It is also a thoughtful setting as the screens have LCD or LED lighting. If you are outside, the sunlight will not let you view the screen, having low brightness.

However, if you are not outside or; if it is not daytime, maximum brightness is not needed. Thus, if you adjust the screen’s brightness, you can save battery, each time you use your smartwatch. You can easily change the brightness. Go to the Display Settings of your device to adjust it.

Simplify The Watch Face:

We know how trendy it looks to have many features on the screen. Nonetheless, you should think twice about how informative you want your smartwatch to be. The more features it shows, the more battery it consumes. Animations are also another reason for reducing Smartwatch battery life.

Therefore, another useful method to Improve Battery Life On Smartwatch is to reduce the features on the interface. You should keep only those features that you think are necessary. For example, you may not be required to monitor your heart rate or the number of steps walked daily.

Have you purchased your smartwatch to be conscious about fitness? If yes, you can retain the biomedical features more simply. You can select the widget from the available screen options.

Uninstall Unnecessary Applications:

If you have purchased a new smartwatch, you should first uninstall the applications that you do not need. If you are using the device for many days, you should take out some time to perform this task.

Some applications may be useful according to your preferences. In that case, you should make changes in the settings such that they do not send notifications. Even when you are unaware, these apps can keep sending you messages. As a result, the screen becomes on without any usage. Furthermore, if the smartwatch remains connected to the mobile app, you should do what is necessary for the phone notifications.

Having too many apps on your smartwatch drains the battery and also makes your gadget slow. Thus, it is advisable to go to the Apps Settings and uninstall the ones you do not require.

In this regard, you should also switch off the auto-download of applications. Although system updates are highly essential, these should not get installed automatically. In this way, you can monitor the apps that are on your device and make necessary filtration.

Reduce Screen Timeout:

This is another efficient way that can Extend Battery Life on Smartwatch. A longer screen timeout is largely responsible for draining the battery. It is because, each time you tap the screen, it takes a longer duration to switch off.

If you calculate the number of times you look at your smartwatch on an average daily, you will know the significance of this point. Thus, you should minimize the screen timeout of your smartwatch right away.

The Concluding Thoughts:

You can easily increase and improve the Smartwatch Battery Life by following the above steps. The thumb rule here is to run those applications that are necessary. You should be alert about your gadget, and switch off those features that are unnecessarily running on it. Although it might look stylish or fascinating to have many animations on your wrist, it is not healthy for your smartwatch’s battery.

Also, please ensure to install the latest updates on your smartwatch. Developers create software to enable lesser power consumption on these gadgets. Thus, you should be aware of the updates and download them as soon as they are available.

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