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Technology Solutions to Improve your Business Security

Jul 10, 2015
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For the purposes of this article, we will imagine that you own a business of some kind. Perhaps it is a small restaurant or a store where you sell your products. Perhaps you own an office of some kind or perhaps it is something completely different. Whatever your business might be, there is one thing you will definitely be concerned about and that is how safe and secure it is. And in order to make it as secure as possible, you will want to install some or all of the latest security technology solutions.

Business security

Smart Locks:

You can find all kinds of smart locks for your door these days. Some of them use Bluetooth technology and you can synch them with your mobile phone in order to unlock and lock the door. There are also biometric locks that open when they recognize your fingerprints. Some locks come with fobs that they register when you get close to the door and unlock the door automatically. Many of these locks also feature cameras which will send you photos of people who try to gain access to your business.

Motion Sensor Lights:

If you want to make life miserable for burglars and other criminals that might want to gain access to your business, you need to make sure there are no dark areas around your business. The best way to do this is by installing motion sensor lights that will turn on when they register any movement outside. In the past, these systems were quite poor and they could not differentiate between people and animals, but these days they are much more advanced and they will only go off when people are sneaking around your business.

Alarm Systems:

Of course, no business is secure without a good alarm system. We talked to experts from a Brisbane-based-security monitoring company and they recommended alarm systems that come with a monitoring service, meaning that someone is constantly monitoring what is going on. Another great thing about modern alarm systems is that many come with smartphone apps which will let you check the status of the system from anywhere in the world. You will never again be out of the loop.

Surveillance Camera

Video Surveillance:

Video surveillance systems are one of the best ways to secure your business. They include cameras that can either take video footage 24/7 or that can only turn on when motion sensors notice movement. In any case, modern video surveillance systems mostly feature HD cameras, as well as data storage space that will allow you to keep recorded footage for as long as you need it before you have to delete it. Another great thing about video surveillance systems is that they are becoming less and less expensive every day and these days you can buy some very serious systems for a price that was once impossible.

Fire and CO Monitoring Systems:

The security of your business is not only about burglars and making sure no one can enter your offices. It is also about making sure a fire doesn’t start and that your employees do not suffer carbon dioxide poisoning. Because of this, you will want to install systems that will detect smoke and fire and that will also warn you if the levels of carbon dioxide are rising rapidly. Once again, modern systems like these will let you check them with your mobile phone, wherever you are.

In short, there are plenty of security technology options that you can go for these days and if you really want to ensure that your business is 100% safe, you will start using as many of these as you can afford.

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