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The Only True Military Grade Flashlight

May 22, 2016
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I am a huge fan of flashlights, I always was and I still am. Lately, the thing that frustrates me the most are all the false statements that every flashlight company claims and that is that their flashlight is the only true flashlight available on the open market.


First of all in order for a flashlight to earn the label military grade flashlight it has to fulfill certain conditions. Most of those flashlights that claim to be military grade flashlights don’t even fulfill one condition but they still use the military label. I with the help of several flashlight experts have managed to filter almost every so-called “military” flashlight in order to determine which flashlights earn the label military. For every flashlight that we filtered the only flashlights that fulfill all conditions is Lumitact G700 flashlight and here is the way.


Lumitact G700 history

If you are a huge fan of flashlights like I am then you are familiar with the flashlight company Lumitact. Lumitact is a company that has been on the flashlight market for a decade now. For the past 5 years, they have been absent from the market because of their contract with the US army. This year they decided to drop their contract with the US army and to make a comeback on the open market with the brightest flashlight. The G700 flashlight was designed exclusively for military purposes but instead of giving the flashlight to the US army they released it on the open market.

Advanced military technology


Military technology is 10 years ahead of every other technology that is available for regular citizens. In the G700 military flashlight, a very advance military technology was integrated that is capable of transmitting the entire lumen capacity. Almost every other flashlight uses a very similar principal when it comes to transmitting the lumen capacity. LED diodes are a very outdated technology that because of their circular form aren’t able to successfully transmit the lumen capacity of the flashlight. Instead of the LED diodes in the G700 a new revolutionary LED chip has been invited. This revolutionary LED chip because of its square form is capable of successfully transmitting the entire lumen capacity of the G700 flashlight.

Powerful featured modes

One of the must have conditions on a military flashlight is a verity of featured modes that is useful in everyday situations and in extreme circumstances. The G700 is mostly known for its large variety of featured models. On this flashlight, you have 2 separate modes that both have up to 5 sub-modes.

One of those 2 featured modes is the focus mode that comes within 5 pre-set sub-modes: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. The first 3 sub-modes on this featured mode are mostly for everyday situations, but the other 2 sub-mode the SOS and the strobe sub-modes are used in situations where your life is being threatened.

Telescoping or as most people like to call it zoom mode is the other available mode on the military grade G700 flashlight. Within this feature mode, you are able to light up targets on a radius of 2000 feet in every direction.

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