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Why and how to use video to boost your leads and conversions

Oct 01, 2020
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The point of any marketing strategy is to establish an online presence, drive traffic, increase engagement and leads, convert and retain them. If you want to boost your revenue as a business in the digital world, you need to have an excellent content marketing strategy.

However, with videos gaining the most traction on all platforms online, you cannot have a lucrative content marketing strategy without video content. If you are starting as a business, this article will tell you why and how you can use video to further your brand online and boost your conversions.

Why do you need video content?

Before you look for ‘how-to’ tips and consider using Vidyard, you need to know why video is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Videos all you to build trust:

Videos are the most engaging and real form of content on the market. Video is the best thing next to connecting with your audience in person. You could write the most compelling piece of content and use excellent infographics. However, video content trumps both of them because it humanizes your brand. People can see first hand what your brand is about and what to expect.

Why and how to use video to boost your leads and conversions

Videos engage your senses in different ways than the other forms of content, which is why they get shared at scale on all platforms. Aside from driving traffic and boosting your engagement, you need to make sure your prospects and customers trust you. They can watch your videos and instantly tell if they can trust you and base their decision on that.

The key to increased leads, conversions, and sales in the long-term is to be a credible and valuable option in your niche, which you can accomplish by creating and publishing videos.

Videos are easy to watch and retain:

Given the sharp decline in attention span over the years, most people are highly unlikely to sift through a 2000-word post to get the answer they are looking for. Videos, on the other hand, are much easier to watch and remember because they engage your senses and emotions.

Blog posts are excellent for guides and addressing broad topics. However, you could do the same with videos. You can upload long videos on YouTube and stick to much shorter ones for Instagram and Facebook, depending on your target audience, your goals, and the kind of content that your target audience prefers.

Here are some statistics that prove that video content is king:

  • 79% of consumers said that they bought an app or software after watching a brand’s video.
  • TechSmith says that 48% of people regard video content to be the most engaging form of content. However, only 15% of people prefer written material.
  • You can boost your conversion by 80% by posting a video on your landing page.
  • 94% of businesses maintain that using explainer videos has enabled their users to get a better idea about their products and services.
  • In 2019, 87% of consumers said that they preferred to watch more videos from brands.
  • 96% of consumers claim to learn about the products and services through explainer videos.

How to use video to increase your conversions?

Now that you have recognized the value of implementing a HubSpot video marketing strategy, here are a few tips you can use to increase your conversions via video:

Product pages:

Make sure you put out a video to showcase your product’s best features. Supplementing this with a written piece for the same can help your audience understand what to expect and how it will benefit them. You can also upload a video on how to unbox the product and set it up.


Building social proof is key to getting more customers. People tend to buy products that work well for others. By posting testimonials on your page, you can show the viewer that your product works, acknowledge the most commonly asked questions and queries, and show them that your product can solve them. If you have a successful product launch, be sure to do shoot testimonials and interviews.

Focus on customer retention:

Do you have customers? Good. Now keep them. If you want to increase sales, you need your customers to come back to you and get them to spread the word. This way, you have more leads and higher conversion rates.

Once your customer buys a product, send them a few videos to welcome them and teach them how to set up their product, and use it. To increase customer retention, you need to ensure they feel connected to your brand after their purchase. This is where a welcome video email comes into play. If your current customers are happy with your product and customer service, you can expect to have more leads come your way.

Publish Webinars:

Recording and publishing webinars is a wonderful way to increase leads and convert them. Why? Webinars are known to engage your target audience for a substantial amount of time. The average time spent on a webinar is 61 minutes, which means packing valuable content in an hour can vastly increase your chances of gaining customers.

Furthermore, webinars allow you to dive deep into complex topics and discuss them at length, which may not be true of platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Besides this, you can answer your attendees’ questions and clarify their doubts in real-time.

Since there is a limit to the number of webinar registrations you can take, not everyone can attend it. Make sure you record every webinar you conduct so that others can watch it later. You can use the recorded footage as an incentive to get people to subscribe to your mailing list.

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