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Windows Phone 8 Update 3 – Fortifies User Experience

Nov 07, 2013
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Windows is set to be back with a bang and thrash its opponents. Yeah! Windows is all equipped with more than ample specs that will be a big threat to the reigning champions in the smart phone industry. Microsoft recently has announced that Windows 8 Phone OS are all set to be available on Phablets. This is really a welcome change. With android based phablets ruling their market Windows introducing its phablet will be a new milestone as well as high revenue grosser since phablet users are expecting a change in OS for their big screens craziness.


Windows have upgraded the OS in its update 3 of windows 8 for being suitable with the phablets. Already phablets of windows Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 are announced in places like Abu Dhabi. The date of releasing of phablets by Windows partnered with Nokia is not very far.

The Windows phone 8 update 3 will support the larger screens like 5 inch to 7 inch displays. Additionally, the updates will support 1080 HD resolution which is much needed for the user of phablets.

Some of the key reasons and upgrades that will fortify the user experience are as follows:


  1. Phablets: As I mentioned earlier the Phablets concept is seriously very much awaited and appreciated. A phablet user will be more delighted with Windows launching its phablet phone since he/she knows that big is beautiful and better. The Windows for phablets will have a bigger screen with additional tiles and more to view in the start screen. With 1080 resolution watching videos and playing games can be as convenient as and even more comfortable than that of Android phones.quad core processor
  2. Quad-Core: Finally, Windows will go Quad Core with the most efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. This will definitely be a boon to the specs part of Windows phone. For users who blindly go by specs having a Qualcomm Snapdragon will definitely make windows phone a worthy one to buy. Additionally, Qualcomm Snapdragon has excellent speed and user interface that allows user to efficiently use their Windows phone without much ado about the problem of slow speed or improper design. Since windows phone is known for its crash free reliability generally and with Qualcomm even the speed and performance will be greatly improved.miscellaneous
  3. Miscellaneous: Apart from the major reasons like phablets and Quad-core the Windows Phone 8 update 3 will have several other user friendly features like enhanced Bluetooth pairing that will launch driving mode when connected to your car, better guidance in storage management, task switching, screen resolution, and rotation smoothness.

Driving mode for instance is a new update which will put your phone’s text and calls in silent mode. Similarly the task switching which was already present in your windows phone that will pop when you tap and hold the back key is also enhanced now by having an option to clear caches. One more important advantage is that every contact can be assigned unique text tone which is not available in any other well known phones. This will definitely help you to have a customized text tones especially for your loved ones.

These and many other features are the main reason that you should be migrating to Windows phone. I am loving windows phone after the Windows Phone 8 Update 3 because it’s too cool!