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5 Top luxury Hybrid Cars you can buy right now

Dec 11, 2018
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It is the era where a car can run on more than 1 fuel system, there is a combination of fuel structure that can help it run and this makes a new generation of cars which is the hybrid cars. Now you have lots and lots of options in electric cars, petrol, diesel, and CNG using vehicles.

Why settle with less, when you can get more. Think of it when you will be having a car petrol engine and an electric motor as well both of them under the same hood. Wouldn’t it be nice? Yeah, I know it would be. Now how best can you define a hybrid car? It is defined as a luxury car that is using more than one mode to run it becomes a hybrid car. Moreover, both these means can propel each other. Mostly, what people do is use a hybrid car to save a lot of fuel. There are more than many benefits to have a hybrid car. Here is a list of Luxury Hybrid Cars:

1. Tesla Model S:

Tesla Model S

World’s largest electric car manufacturing company is Tesla. They have their name written all over the hybrid cars history. Tesla is being shaped under the supremacy of Elon Musk, the one who created a vision of making electric cars. The latest redesigning to this model was done in 2016. If generates a power of 691 BHP and a torque of 317 lb-ft. It will cost you a whopping $68,000. Apart from this, you can get a few coupons on various brands on CouponsCurry.

2. Lexus GS

Lexus GS

Lexus GS is a car that needs no introduction. People are very well acquainted with this model and they have also given many positive reviews. The 2017 model of the Lexus GS Hybrid is one of the best luxury hybrid car models. It runs on a 338 BHP engine power. It is said to give an average of 29MPG in city and 34 MPG in highways. If you are out for this beauty it will cost you somewhat around $63,635. It can vary depending upon your location. Lexus has always been a very active name in developing some great hybrid cars in the world. And not just 1 they have successfully designed a lot of cars to give a wide range of choice to its customers.

3. Acura NSX

Acura NSX

Yeah, you head it right it’s Acura making its way in the top 5 cars. This specific car is known to be the Best Luxury Hybrid Sedan, Acura NSX is a real beast. It is a two-seater hybrid version which was redesigned in 2017. It draws about 573BHP from its engine, giving an average of 21 MPG in the city and not much difference is there in Highways, there it gives about 22MPG. This all-new model of Acura NSX fits in the budget of $156,000. Use the Droom Coupon to get a test drive.

4. Lexus ES


Yet another Lexus car makes to our list. And we can’t help it. This specific beauty is a very powerful and stylish model that has blown up the minds of the automobile industry. At a very far extend this car is known to make an impact on the revenue created by Lexus. Being a very beautiful car it is 4th best in our list of hybrid sedans. This model of Lexus was given uplift at the beginning of 2017. Lexus ES 2017 model clicks to a generation of 200BHP horsepower and can fully accommodate 5 members. It is as economical as 40 MPG in city and 39MPG in the highways. It hurts the pocket with a $41,654 amount. To tune your car, you can use several autoportal coupons on the website.

5. BMW i3

5 Top luxury Hybrid Cars you can buy right now - TechFriend.IN

Whenever you are thinking about cars, BMW can’t be left behind. This is one company which has shown its dominance in every segment of the automobile industry. Although i3 does not take a lot out of its engine still it’s making its way to 5th in our list of best luxurious cars. BMW i3 is known to generate about 170 BHP and 180 lb-ft torque. If you want to buy this BMW, you need to spend, $42,800. It is simply a beauty that unleashes all the power as soon as you press on the pedal of acceleration.

So, this is our list of top 5 hybrid cars that have been making the world faster, better and efficient. With all these, you can help yourself in saving a lot of fuel for others and get yourself an efficient ride. All these cars are worth spending the money they demand. You never know what else can be helpful, but according to benefits and extra perks, a hybrid car that to sedan is always healthy to buy. So, don’t think much if you are searching for a hybrid car that is making a mark, this should be in your head. Moreover, these cars have a very good promise to make with the drivers.

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