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Why the BMW 5 Series is the Luxury Car For You

Sep 14, 2018
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If you are looking to buy a new luxury car no doubt you will be comparing the likes of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar, to name but a few of the key premium brands. However, with the arrival of the BMW 5 Series, it’s hard to argue against this one.

BMW 5 Series

When you are looking to invest significant money into a car, you need to know you are choosing the right one. While you will no doubt carry out your own research, we are convinced you need a BMW 5 Series and the team at Big Motoring World have given us ten reasons why. Here they are:

1.Better storage space

The 5 Series Saloon has, storage space in the back, which is a great square shape and doesn’t lose out due to the rear wheel arches. It provides a very vital trunk space which isn’t always evident in luxury cars.

The shape and size of the storage space means the BMW 5 Series is not only luxurious but it also comes with a few handy practical elements to boot.

2.Premium quality interior finish

The interior screams luxury with polished finishes everywhere you look and there is none of this painted plastic anywhere – it’s all real metal. The higher the specification you choose, the more luxurious your interior options will become.

3.Flexible driving positions

The driving area is spacious and comfortable and there is an option to choose an electric lumbar adapter for your seat which gives an incredibly wide adjustment range to allow you to select your own perfect driving position easily.

4.Estate vs Saloon

If you don’t think the Saloon is quite the car for you then there is still good news – you can go for the estate option instead – the BMW 5 Series Touring.

5.Impressive handling and performance

Whichever variant you opt for the BMW 5 Series comes with amazing handling capabilities and a really impressive performance. There is also the option on some of the Variable Damper Control which helps to improve the suspension even further so whether you choose the add-on or not, the performance will still take your breath away.

6.Comfortable drive

The BMW 5 Series is a very comfortable, peaceful ride around town and when you take it out on the motorway, it’s even better. The new sleek design, low position and the luxury interior, not to mention the ability to perfect your driving position, all add up to a comfy driving experience.

The quiet noise levels, easy to use gadgets and infotainment systems, and the improved steering and suspension systems, all add up to make the BMW 5 Series a seriously comfortable luxury car.

7.Low noise levels

Despite the impressive engine size and performance, the BMW 5 Series are impressively quiet on the inside. None of the models have gruff sounding engines and they are all smooth and slick to drive, making this the perfect luxury car for those who like to be understated rather than make a noisy loud entrance.

8.Passenger space

If you want to show off your new luxury car to your friends the good news is there is plenty of room and headspace for passengers in the rear of the car and the doors are easy to get in and out of, making this luxury car very friend-friendly.

9.Driver space

As well as the option to move your seat around, we feel the BMW 5 Series has an amazingly roomy front section with plenty of leg and head space for the driver. There is also a large glove box for storage, door pockets and a handy storage area by the gear stick. There is also plenty of room for the front seat passenger too.

10.In-built tech

The 5 Series comes with two infotainment options and there is a chance to go for a large 10.2 inch screen as part of the package if you pay a little more. The packages are both easy to use and really add to the overall appeal of the car.

With a history dating back around 40 years there really is a 5 Series model to suit every car driver and every budget. Whether you want the brand new generation, or an older version, you won’t be disappointed.

The BMW 5 Series really does come with everything you could possibly want from a luxury car so if you are planning to splash the cash on the newest model, we hope this list of just some of the features has helped to sway your choice.

From the roomy luxurious interior through to the smooth aerodynamic exterior, the BMW 5 Series offers all the best features of a luxury car while retaining a thoroughly modern sporty hi-tech appeal for the new generation of drivers.

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