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9 Genius Ways to Make Your Days More Organized Through Smartphone Apps

Oct 04, 2017
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Phones are now used for almost everything – staying in touch with loved ones, sharing photos, and reading the news, especially since the typical mobile plan today offers daily internet. So why not transform your go-to device into a versatile assistant for your everyday life?

Today, the development of apps is increasing at a rapid rate. Some apps will only take up your phone’s memory space without giving any significant value to your life. But there are other apps that can truly help improve your ability to stay organized and be productive.

9 Genius Ways to Make Your Days More Organized Through Smartphone Apps - TechFriend.IN

Take advantage of the different ways these apps can help keep your life together.

1. Master your to-do list

The key to living an organized life is creating a to-do list. Having an access to it with your smartphone make it more efficient. There are apps that you can use to create a master list of all the tasks you need to accomplish. From there, you can choose several tasks that you want to get done on a certain day.

2. A grocery shopping list on the go

A paper grocery list is harder to track and a pain to prepare. Today, you can use apps that allow you to record the groceries you are running low on and those you must buy regularly. These apps can also sort your items into categories, making grocery shopping fast and easy.

3. Pay without plastic

Do your loyalty cards and credit cards weigh your wallet down? Take advantage of the different payment apps for smartphones to make financial transactions, like a money transfer in Iraq, anytime.

These apps will let you load your debit or credit card information right on your phone. So all you have to do if you want to purchase something from the store is to tap your device on a sensor. Also, you can link your rewards and loyalty cards with the app for easy and quick savings.

4. Multitasking like a pro

Dealing with different projects at once can be chaotic. But by using a project management app, you can stay organized with due dates, to-do lists, and schedules for all your endeavours. This can also sync your information between your tablet, phone, and computer so you can easily start or finish tasks anytime and anywhere.

In addition, there are apps that allow you to store photos and documents in the cloud. Doing so won’t just let you retrieve your files easily but will also back them up if your computer malfunctions or crashes.

5. Store and organize receipts

If your inbox easily gets flooded with digital receipts, use apps that can store and organize them digitally. Aside from saving all your receipts, these apps will also let you track your mileage, scan and sort business cards, and create expense reports.

6. Synchronize all relevant information

Mobile calendar apps will help synchronize your information and tasks between your computer and phone, which makes it a lot easier for you to stay on top of your schedule. These apps will also store contact information, set event reminders, and add notes. Thus, you do not have to carry around your planners, notepads, and address books.

7. Keep the entire family on top of things

Creating your own schedule is not easy. Adding your entire family into the mix can make it more disorganized. Good thing your smartphone can help you. There are apps that allow you to keep track of every family member’s individual activities, appointments and chores. This way, you won’t miss a talent show or a soccer game anymore.

8. Stick to time limits

Avoid spending too much time on a single task by setting time limits for every project. There are apps you can use to set the timer whenever you need to execute a certain task. The timer can either count backwards or count up.

9. Protect your passwords

Use different passwords for various accounts instead of using just one. This way, if someone gets your password, he can’t get into all your accounts. Keep track of all your passwords through apps that store your login information for every online account.

Creating a more organized life can be tough. There will be days when you can’t seem to get your routine going and you have no clue where to start. Good thing there are apps that will help you set your priorities and goals and get your daily schedule in order. With just a few downloads, you will feel better organized.

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