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Simple guide to buy a Gaming laptop, Get best laptop For Gaming

Jul 22, 2013
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Getting a gaming laptop can be simple

Computers are certainly a big part of anyone’s life and the fact is that many people are not using them only for work, but also in order to have fun by surfing the web and also playing games. While plenty of individuals have consoles, it seems that they just cannot take them along everywhere they go and that is why in this regard they’ll need to consider getting a gaming laptop. In the following paragraphs, this article will take a closer look at some of the aspects individuals have to bear in mind when wanting to purchase one.

best gaming laptop


One of the most important components that will go into making a great gaming laptop is the RAM memory. Everything people run on their laptops uses RAM memory and the less RAM is installed on the system, the slower they will run. Gaming technology advanced and continues advancing a lot and that is why people should make sure they have at least 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM, as this will offer them great performance. If they think that is too little, they can always upgrade it.


The CPU or central processing unit can be considered the laptop’s brain, as it handles all the complex processing info. So basically, the more powerful the CPU is, the faster it will manage running various processes on the laptop and of course, games. The majority of CPUs now have a 64 bit architecture, which means that they work with more than 4 GB of RAM, making them the best choice for gamers.


Another very important part of building a gaming laptop is constituted by the graphics card and while some laptops have integrated graphics, others have dedicated graphics. The latter are always more powerful and that is why one should look for laptops with dedicated graphics and high quality LCD Screens. This will allow them to have an improved image quality overall.

Battery and Other Aspects to Regard:

For those going for a gaming laptop they will want to carry around, it’s best if they can focus on models that have high battery life. It’s best to consider a battery that works on li-ion technology and has 12 cells. This means that the more cells a battery contains, the longer it will last. Also, in what regards battery consumption, it seems that the Acer Laptop Screens use very little energy, so they will definitely increase battery life. Last but not least, the screen size should also be around 17 inches, as this will allow gamers to enjoy their gaming experience, without having to stay too close to their screen. The laptop’s track pad and keyboard are other very important aspects that will come in handy when gaming, but most gamers will certainly get an external gaming mouse to meet their strict gaming requirements. And while most gamers would get an SSD for the fastest gaming experience, a HDD can be a great budget solution that will work just fine. Good luck to anyone trying to build their own gaming laptop!

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