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Top 5 Advanced SEO Link Building Methods for 2018

Nov 29, 2017
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Do you know the present state of link building? Do you know how it turns out and still alive as well as kicking? If your answer is ‘no’, then here all your questions are answered. While SEO strategy says that backlinks are, admittedly, just one out of thousands of different types of signals that are good or organic search engine optimization. They remain an essential thing in terms of the ranking factor in this highly competitive SEO industry.

SEO Link Building 2018

The algorithm of Google generally keeps evolving, but at present time, there is still no such better way to measure or count the authority of the content or the reliability of other places in it. Therefore, one question certainly come up in your mind – how to do SEO link building successfully these days? Let us discuss five advanced search engine optimization link-building methods for the year 2018.

  • Building the Assets like Data and Analysis:

When you do original analysis and findings the data, you will have an excellent opportunity, which would be preferable to your visitors. This could be your efficient link building strategy.

Let us see how to use data and do the analysis for link building.

  • You can start with a good topic that you think your visitors will find that valuable.
  • You can conduct an independent research and compile your findings in an orderly manner.
  • Try to publish your analysis online or offline to get more and more potential traffic.
  • Try to create complementary content based on your analysis of the relevant data findings.
  • Try to promote your data as well as findings online.
  • Pay only for Legitimate Links:

Buying only the links that are in worst practice would not be helpful for your link building strategy. You should not buy links that are irrelevant to your website or coming from other websites that are not relevant to your website niche. If you do it, Google can penalize you and you will be in trouble. You can get in touch with good SEO agencies or do consult with SEO specialists, they will surely tell you about link building by way of legitimate websites taking from legitimate links.

  • Here is how to create or build paid backlinks.
  • Try to build more and more organic links rather than building paid links.
  • Try to build the links slowly as well as deliberately.
  • Do extensive researches on your targeted sites first.
  • Vary your keyword anchor text.
  • Always disclose the sponsored posts.
  • Share Content on Social Media:

While the majority of SEO specialists considered social media sharing to be one of the most effective link building strategies, about 68% of the time, most of the link building by way of social media proved to be better and most popular way of link building, amongst SEO strategists and social media experts.

Let us see how to build links by way of social sharing.

  • Use social listening tools that are important in different aspects to find visitors or audiences on social media.
  • Use tool to find the basic as well as advanced in your popular content.
  • Try to create high-quality content in the same way.
  • Try to share and promote your content whenever you develop the new one.
  • Remarket your content properly, in time and at different times as well.
  • Link building with the help of videos:

It roughly estimates that more than 66 percent of SEO specialists found link building with videos is effective. Let us see how to build links with the help of videos effectively.

  • Share and promote any good quality self-hosted videos on social media to re-share you can ask your fans and followers as well.
  • Reclaim some of your links YouTube’s earned from your quality content.
  • Try to Publish Industry-Specific Interviews as Possible:

Here, the last but one of the most effective link building methods was to publish the high PR based assets and that is the SEO specialists pooled effectively about 65 percent of the time. Like unique research and high-quality interviews, you will likely be awarded your readers. They will like to share it on your behalf as well.

  • Let us see how to build great links and create link-worthy interviews.
  • At first, do your homework, which is one of the essential things before you do any great thing.
  • Try to prepare your question, which is/are ahead of time.
  • Try to stay flexible, promote and remarket.
  • Just like unique and original research, try to publish your findings.

To sum it up, you can consult as many as SEO experts you need or SEO agencies whether these tips for link building would be effective for your SEO campaign. You will surely find out the truth that links are still a crucial thing to website’s health. The focus has to swing heavily away from the quantity as well as quality at the same time, which means link building now takes more and more time, including a lot of efforts. In this blog, albeit, we have tried our level best to break down the top five most efficient as well as advanced link building methods in accordance with our SEO consultants and strategists, and tried to help you to choose the methods to boost your Search Engine Optimization.

Author Bio:- Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – Provide seo services in india.Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on WordPress website development, web design and mobile app development.

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