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Unusual SEO Tips That Can Make Your Website Rank Higher

Apr 04, 2018
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SEO termed as Search Engine Optimization can be used to increase the ranking of the websites in search results. It has different tips along with tricks that will help the person to advertise their website in online mode.

Unusual SEO Tips to make your website rank higher

Components of the web pages are improved by the using SEO analytics platforms along with taking the help from SEO experts who are using different tools along with techniques to make the website popular.

Different SEO tips for Good ranking 

  1. Keywords research

It is important to understand about the websites SEO along with your competitors. It is better to go for free tools like SEMRush which will help you in researching for potential keywords related to your products along with services. It will help you in getting desired keywords for your products and services. 

  1. Usage of keywords in the important page

On-page SEO optimization will help you in boosting the rank of your page. It will include the main elements like

  • Title of the page
  • Meta description
  • URL
  • H1, H2, H3 tags

It is better to choose the keywords in above elements that will help you in the ranking of the websites. Special tools like Bright edge provide some recommendations for using the keywords in the page. This tool will alert you if a keyword is missing from page titles along with Meta descriptions. 

  1. Automation of post in social media

Automation is one of the best ways for making their task easier. Experts schedule some post in advance for social media, so that they keep engaging people with their posts from time to time. You can move to publishing tools in Facebook where you can easily view your post in the sidebar. Create button is used to post the messages along with photos and videos.

  1. Monitor Performance

In order to monitor about your current performance along with outcomes, SEO analytics platform is considered the best option. This tool is best as it will help the users to know from where traffic is coming and how much amount you are receiving from traffic. It will also help the users to know as which page draws more traffic. It will help you in refining the inbound strategy along with concentrating on those pages which generate more traffic towards the site.

  1. Check the site from outside links to your page

External links plays an important role in getting the rank on the first page. Pages that are linked from outside sites can be easily viewed by the search engine. Special tools like Ahrefs give you the best results about the quality of links that can easily link your websites. 

  1. Take the help from influencers for promotion

It is better to move for influencer marketing which will help the companies for promotion of products along with services. Type of influencers will depend upon the budget of the clients.  If budget is more than a company can move for more influencers who will promote the product and services about the company in the best manner. Social media sites can take the advantage of Instagram for getting more influencers if the budget is more. But if the budget is less than they can create their free accounts on social media and promote their products and services accordingly. 

  1. Take the correct image

It is better to take the correct images for promotion of goods along with services. It is advisable to take the help from online designing tools like Canva, Photoshop, etc which will allow the users to design the images like banners which will catch more attraction from the users towards the site. They can also share these images on social media sites to gain more traffic. 

  1. Take the help of ALT text keywords

It is one of the best practices of SEO where you can easily type your keywords in alt text portion of the webpage. It will help you in increasing the ranking of the page. It will help the person in understanding the whole content of your websites only by looking the keywords.

Thus above all are the basic tips in SEO that will help the companies in ranking the site of the clients in top search results.

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