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Whatsapp May Let Users counter Embracement over Deceived text

May 29, 2017
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The mighty instant messenger “Whatsapp” may let users counter deceived messages, providing a way to avoid embarrassment. The “recall” feature will allow the user to edit revoke messages, which have been sent within past five minutes.

Whatsapp in near future may come up with its new “recall” feature which will enable the user to edit the unwillingly sent messages within the five minutes. This will help the user to avoid the embarrassment. Whatsapp is an experiment the addition as an option within the beta version of its latest updates, which possibly present on IOS, according to WABetaInfo.

Whatsapp May Let Users counter Embracement over Deceived text

The upcoming new feature will provide the chance to edit messages that have been sent within five minutes.

Certainly, it is not confirmed that will added the text which already been sent and read or just those particular text that are still in movement. At the start of this year, the messenger’s company has tested its un-launched recall feature within the beta version of the instant messaging app that will allow user delete or edit the text that still to is read.

Though the launching dates of the new feature are yet to be confirmed, there are some rumors around that it might come with the release of its next IOS update later this year.

The feature would likely to be optional, if it is launched, and a user will enable to turn it on or and off through the settings in the same way to the “read” and “last online” notifications.

Along with the send button, the social app is also streaming live messages that enable users to send information which changes in real time for the specific period.

Let’s suppose those who chasing one another on the busy road or on street able to send location for only five minutes unless they find one another.

Furthermore, the social messaging app Whatsapp is looking forward to introducing the capacity to shake your phone having a conversation to report it as spam and to answer status messages, which the Facebook has come up with as part of its push into stories.

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