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7 Best Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction

Jul 07, 2018
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Smartphone addiction is a new-age issue that is causing a lot of trouble for everyone. Here, people are glued to their smartphone devices and that habit is affecting their personal, professional life in addition to showing negative effects on health. To deal with this issue, we have discussed a better solution in the form of phone usage monitoring app. Using these apps, you can monitor and manage your smartphone & app usage effectively. Let’s discuss some of these effective apps here.

Social Fever:

Social Fever offers a smart solution to help you beat smartphone addiction. This smart tool not only helps you reduce smartphone dependence but it also keeps your health intact. You can use this tool to spare time for real-life things and take good care of yourself. It offers multiple useful features to help you manage your smartphone usage. Here, you can set interests for yourself, minimize app usage, set usage goals, see usage history and plan lot more. In other features, it offers alerts like a number of screens unlock, device usage alerts, time used etc. and backstage power saving & other reports.

Social Fever



RealizD helps you monitor app usage and overall device usage so that you can manage and reduce smartphone addiction. It helps you understand how many times you have picked the phone, time intervals between phone pick, busy hours and more. It displays phone usage report on hourly, daily, monthly and annual basis. Here, you can set notifications to stay updated about phone usage. You can accept its screen free challenge to save your time for real-life things. Further, its “My Device” feature is useful to monitor device usage on multiple devices simultaneously.



Space is designed on a simple and intuitive interface where it helps you manage your smartphone usage effortlessly. You can use this customizable app to disconnect from your phone for real-life things. You can use one of its features to read phone usage pattern to manage your phone usage. Here, it displays phone usage history so that you can manage your smartphone usage. Further, you can use its screen dimming, Space-Time and notification blocker feature for effective results.

Space APP


Detox Procrastination:

Use Detox Procrastination to detox your mind and body from the harmful effects of smartphone addiction. It works on a seamless interface and offers a bunch of useful features to help you stop your smartphone addiction. Using this tool, you can set a timer where you will not be allowed to use your device. It allows you to set a timer for up to 11 hours. Further, it displays a timer use history to manage your smartphone usage well. You can even use this tool to uninstall all unnecessary apps to recover storage space.

Detox Procrastination


Quality Time:

Use Quality Time to manage smartphone usage from morning to night. It offers easy-to-navigate Timeline to help you organize smartphone sage efficiently. It furnishes daily and weekly phone usage reports including information like app usage, total device usage, screen unlock and more. It even sends you previous day usage history so that you can manage and reduce phone usage. It further displays usage by individual apps so that you can manage resource hungry apps well.

7 Best Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction - TechFriend.IN



Use this tool to define normal device usage for yourself. Using this tool, you can reduce your smartphone dependency in addition to taking good care of your health. It runs in a background to provide you real-time results. Further, it offers daily & monthly usage reports so that you can organize smartphone usage in a much better way. It even helps you identify and manage resource-hungry apps to save device resources. You can use its three optional blocking modes to get best results in no time.



App Usage:

Use this powerful app to track and manage your smartphone usage effortlessly. It displays average and total app usage time so that you can manage it for better results. It displays activity history where you can check how many times you have checked your device in a day. It even sends you alerts when you spend long hours on your device to reduce smartphone dependency. You can also use this app to remove redundant apps. In other features, it allows you to add personal notes, batch clear cache or data, app installs reminder and root uninstaller.

App Usage


Conclusion: In addition to other behavior changes using apps to monitor and manage smartphone usage is the best solution to deal with smartphone addiction. We have discussed some of these best apps here. If you know more such apps to reduce smartphone dependence feel free to comment below.

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