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Android Marshmallow Tips and Tricks; Fall In Love With Your Phone

Oct 07, 2017
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The two rivals- Android and iPhone have always been in a fierce competition with each other. Where Apple users are enjoying innovative features and improvised versions of operating systems, Android too is contributing its efforts in entertaining its users by creating highly efficient operating systems like the one discussed here- Marshmallow 6.0

Android Marshmallow Tips and Tricks; Fall In Love With Your Phone

Marshmallow 6.0- the operating system of Android is reputed to be the most efficient version. Huge Android users who are enjoying its every feature prefer it. However, not everyone managed to delve deeper in discovering the remarkable options and features the OS unleashes. To help you get a better understanding of its operating system, some productive tips and tricks are summarized below:

Basic Tips

Uninstall Apps Directly From the Home Screen:

In the latest version of Android Marshmallow, users can manage and uninstall their apps directly from the home page, no need to waste time in fine-tuning from Settings. Press your app icon in your app drawer or on the home screen, you can choose to either uninstall it or move its place to a much more suitable spot.

It provides a neat and easy way to manage the apps on your smartphone.

Individual App Permissions:

The latest operating system introduces granular app permission, which serves to be the Holy Grail for Android Users. Now you can control the access of each app. To discover the app permission go to settings and click open the permission tab to access the list of app.

Customize Quick Settings:

You can enable the system UI Tuner by bringing down the quick setting menu. You have to hold the button for almost five seconds, after that, an option will pop up to ask your permission for enabling the access of System UI Tuner.

Disable Notification Peeking:

In the former Android Updates, the feature of peeking notifications used to set up as default. However, as per the improvised version, you now have full control over its access. If you do not wish to have the peeking notifications, you can simply turn it off and it will never bother you again.

Activate Google from Lock Screen:

Among many ease and conveniences, the update provides one of the most important is the activation of Google from the lock screen. Google Now has replaced the shortcut to dialer of the lock screen. To call someone simply go for Google Now.

Moreover, you can access Google Now in every tap or app whether you are using a phone or a tablet. No need to waste time in coping phrases simply long-press the selected option and Google Now will assist you with its effective solutions.

Android Easter Egg- The Most Fulfilled Part of the Version:

Android Easter Eggs though quite pointless but is considered the most interesting part of the latest Android version. You only have to go to Setting > About Phone and tab the version number repeatedly to find it. In the version of Lollipop by long pressing on the option, the system will take you to the clone of flappy bird.

Intermediate Tricks

RAM Manager:

Android aims to provide smooth and efficient functionality to its users. Hence, it enables its users to manage their phone memory by taking control of memory-hogging apps. You simply have to go to Settings > Memory and then to Memory used by apps. The section will show you the detailed data of each app and their consumption of memory. You can force stop any of the apps to save your phone.

Associate Links Automatically:

Android Marshmallow allows you to associate specific URLs with a specific type of links. For instance, if you wish to open certain links with Twitter, you can set the app as a default. Now you do not have to pick the app each time form the list to open a specific link.

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