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How to find What Technology a Website using?

Jul 21, 2018
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Online graphic design tools, based on artificial intelligence, have revolutionized the entire designing ecosphere. Now, you can create a professional website design, logo design, and brochure designs all within your meager budgets and even within a strict time-frame.

How to find What Technology a Website using

Using AI-based tools such as DesignEvo you can create a great logo design within minutes! Similarly, using Designhill even the amateurs and beginners can create a spectacular logo design which can leave the viewers in awe. But before you dive deep into the world of website design, you should be able to figure out what technology is being used in a particular website.

Here are the top 5 tools that help you discover all that you need to know about a site:

1. Wappalyzer:

Wappalyzer is one of the easiest to use as the tool is a browser-based, extension available for Chrome and Firefox. The tool uses cross-platform technology which proves conducive to identifying the technology being used by any website. It can easily uncover the various database management systems, web frameworks, analytic tools, server software, and many more technologies applied in a site.

2. BuiltWith:

Considered as one of the best tools in the market, BuiltWith is a lookup tool. You can create lists of numerous websites from the BuiltWith database which contains numerous web technologies. Their databases also include information about websites over a quarter of a billion. They also show websites details such as site uses analytics, hosting, shopping cart, etc. You can filter the results based on location, traffic, industry, and much more.

3. W3Techs:

W3Techs lets you know the particular web technologies in an organized manner, using a tabular format. The attributes of their tabular lists is also extensive and includes heads such as Markup Language, Analytics, Web Server, Top Level Domain, Web Hosting Provider, SSL Certificate Authority, Server Location, Site Elements, Content-Language, Character Encoding, Server-side Programming Language, Client-side Programming Language, Popularity Ranking, Technology Score, Social Widgets, iframes, and much more. The tool can be instrumental in providing you with an insight into the CMS used such as WordPress, Drupal, etc.

4. What CMS:

As a beginner, you might stumble across an intriguing and spectacular website that gets you curious as to which CMS is being used to build such as a site. Therefore, all the information other than the CMS can be irrelevant and even intimidating. As the name suggests, What CMS gives you only the CMS details for the searched website.

5. SimilarTech:

SimilarTech provides an overview lists such as social sharing, CMS, analytics, widgets, schema, Meta tags, and much more. It gives out a technology score, and you can even install their extension on your browser for a quicker website profiling and analysis.

Equipped with such tools, you can explore more about the various technologies being used to build a website. This knowledge can help you learn more extensively about website design and how the technology trends are moving. The key to remember is that if you wish to design amazing websites, you need to keep visiting and looking for the good ones. Keep learning, keep designing!

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