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6 Best Android Car Racing Games of 2018

Jul 29, 2018
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Racing is always being a passion for me. Chill, I am not talking about the real racing. It’s my passion to become an unbeatable racer in racing games. I have tasted many racing games on the play store. Some of them give you a spaceship to race, some of them give you motorbike but my favorite one is driving a car which can fire bullets on the other cars and can crush them out with no mercy. Sometimes for a change, I even play some simple racing games. Over speeding and racing is always fun you should not try this on the roads but of course you can try this in a game. Here is the list of 6 best Android Car Racing games in 2018 to delight the passionate racer and gamer inside you.

Clash for speed:

Clash for speed:

Clash for speed will take you to the next level of combat racing. It is the extreme combat racing. On different levels, you will get to load your vehicle with different weapons. You can build your own tracks and can put obstacles of your choice on these tracks. On the way you will get NOS boosters and guns to become the ultimate winner after crushing all your enemies. If you want to start a quick race and do not want to get into the track designing, then you can start a quick race.

Download here.

Asphalt 8 Airborne:

Asphalt 8 Airborne:

Asphalt is a well-known name in the world of racing and Asphalt 8 Airborne is the latest game from Gameloft.  You can also race offline and its high definition graphic are enough to delight the gamer inside you. In the game, you will get boosters and credits to upgrade your vehicle. Handling of the car is also very good you will get an amazing grip on roads.

Download here.

Horizon Chase – World Tour:

If you want to drive the world and then Horizon chase world tour will be the best pick for you. By default, you can play in san Francisco, but you can pay to upgrade to more beautiful tracks of the world. You need to start the race from the back of 20 cars and to become the ultimate winner you need to be the first to reach stop line. Tracks are full of steep turns and obstacles. In a recent update, you can also select a bus to drive.

Horizon Chase - World Tour

Download here.

Fast & Furious Legacy:

Next game in our list is inspired by the movie fast and furious. You will get numbers of cars to be into the action. You can hit nitro booster to see your opponents as they are not moving. You can spend your winning funds on upgrading your car. The game offers you movie style legacy featuring all y our favorite characters in the game.

Fast & Furious Legacy

Download here.

Real racing:

Real racing

Another car racing game is from electronic arts in which you will drive some amazing sports cars and race cars as per your choice. The game is loaded with 39 circuits and 17 real world locations. You can race with multiple players and can go for a time trial as well. Cars in the game looks like real because they are loaded with the real details from original manufacturers. Same as cars tracks also look real because they resemble with the real tracks in different parts of the world.

Download here.

CSR Racing:

CSR Racing

Another car racing game for an Android user is CSR racing it is having more than 13 million downloads which is really a big number. so, what made the game to ern 13 million downloads is a world tour with amazing cars and with them, you can beat the crew. The game is having some high-end models of cars such as Bugatti Aston Martin, Lamborghini etc. you will enjoy driving them on the most amazing tracks of the world.

Download here.

so, these were 6 best Android car racing games you can keep your android device fully loaded with them and in your free time, you can delight yourself playing them. Clash for speed from tweaking technologies is really a different kind of game. If you are specifically looking for combat racing you must hands on it.

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