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Should average mobile app developer revenue influence your decision of a mobile platform?

Oct 21, 2013
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A mobile app developer was not even an occupation a decade ago but not it is one of best paid and highly demanding profession. Mobile app developers can be categorized into three types namely freelancers, outsourced developers, in house developers. For those who have not much knowledge on what these are here is a brief introduction.

  1. Freelancers: As the name suggests, these mobile app developers work from their home or their own office and deliver the required apps to the client on the reported deadline. They earn based on number of apps or projects done. They don’t have any specific company or organization.
  2. Outsourced Developers: These people work for developers outsourcing agencies which contract out their developers to the mobile app development organizations.
  3. In House Developers: These are those developers who are present in the organization to develop apps for the organization to earn standard monthly wages.

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The revenue of the mobile app developer varies from person to person based on the category they fall into, their experience, their skills and time they allot for the job to be done. While the average mobile app developer revenue is considered based on all the above listed factors, a developer should not think and decide about the most important question. Should the revenue influence decision of a mobile platform? Well the answer is definitely no. The revenue is influenced by other factors as mentioned previously but revenue itself influence the decision of a mobile platform seems to be a bad decision to do.

This is because if revenue starts influencing the developers’ decision of a mobile platform then all the developers flock around the platform that booms and the rest of the platforms would be abandoned till their revenues improve. However, by shuttling between various platforms based on the revenue obtained has one advantage. The developers get knowledge and experience on all platforms but ‘jack of all, king of none’ concept doesn’t work in mobile app development. Additionally, the passion towards a platform and developers knowledge should be the factors that influence his decision on choosing the platform.

However, to improve the overall average revenue of mobile app developers for certain platform they must improve themselves, create different and lucrative apps. Show a difference and try to improve the platform they are working on. For example, Android and iOS are booming these days however when a Windows app developer working in the same organization wouldn’t support or wish to go to the high revenue based platforms because having been a developer in a certain platform generally makes you its ardent fan.

On the contrary, the state may vary with freelancers. Freelancers if the revenues are less may tend to change platforms purely based on the influence of revenues. This scenario may seem prospective but when it comes to real time the developer may have to face the harsh reality of struggles and obstacles occurring by shifting to a new platform. If you are new to the field of mobile app development and if you are confused about which platform to choose then you should either go by your favourite or your strong platform. If you are unclear about that then revenue might influence your decision.

As a Final straw I wish to mention that average mobile app developer revenue should not influence their decision of choosing a mobile platform.