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Watch Live TV on your SmartPhone

Aug 13, 2013
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“A lot of Android Smartphones have inbuilt TV tuners that normally allows you to watch live TV. One can subscribe to the satellite TV services for the mobile phones or even use the free applications that are available on the Android Market website. You’ll require having a Gmail account from Google to make use of this service.


Download the mobile TV application for the Android Smartphone and then start watching the live TV broadcasts that include news, sports news and even sports channels that comprises of Premier League.” Installation: “Download and then install latest version of the Adobe Flash Player for an Android phone. The plugin allows you to watch the Flash videos, multimedia content, animation and games on your Smartphone. · You can download the software from Adobe website.” Configuration: · “In your Gmail account, configure and sync it with your Smartphone. · Press “Home” icon on your phone and then open “Email” application. · Choose “Next” on “Your account” page. Type in your Gmail address as well as password, and then select the “Next.” · Create your account nickname that will be displayed on the outgoing messages. · Then tap “Done” Verification: “Verify the settings from your “Inbox” view. · Tap the “Menu” then the “Account settings.” · Confirm to affirm that the info for the “Incoming Settings” is well set-up for the ” Security type: SSL, Port: 993 and IMAP server is imap.gmail.com. · ” For the “Outgoing Settings,” the info should be set-up for” Security type: SSL, Port: 465 and the SMTP server is smtp.gmail.com.” · Open the Smartphone Web browser. Enter the “Android Market” in search field and then tap “Search” button. · Once the Web page has loaded, sign in using the set Gmail account. · “Click “Sign In” located at the top of your page. · Type in the login credentials in appropriate fields and then click “Sign In.”

Android live tv

Installing the TV Application: “Choose the Smartphone TV application compatible with the Android phone. · Type in “TV” in “Search” field that is located at the top of your Web page. · On the left of the page, you will get to see lists of the TV app icons. · Scroll until you see the app that you really want to install on your Smartphone. · Click “Install” which is next to the icon. · Follow the on screen prompts to install your downloaded app. · Click “Logout” link on Android Market page when finished. · Now you can watch your favourite programs on your Android Phone.” Tips & Warnings: “If you do not have the Gmail account, you are required to create one prior to downloading the apps from the Android Market. · To set-up the Gmail account, type in “Google Gmail” in search box on the Web browser. · Click on “Create Account” button then follow the onscreen prompts to set your Gmail account. · Many cellular phones that are available today are fully functional smartphones that are equipped with Web browser. · If your Smartphone is connected to a cellular data connection or an available Wi-Fi, you will be watching live streaming TV such as Sky Sports, however you will need to call the sky phone number so that they can configure your phone on the other side and from there you start watching your favorite football team may it be Arsenal or Manchester United live on your Smartphone.”

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