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Web Design to take your Sales Online

Jun 04, 2015
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So, you have decided to take your sales online? You probably made this decision because you realized that you might have more success if you start selling your products via the internet as opposed to in a brick and mortar store of some kind. At this point, you are probably looking to do everything right and to ensure that your new online store has as much success as possible.

Web Design to take your Sales Online

The inseparable part of these efforts has to be getting the right website for your new online endeavor. What you need to understand is that eCommerce web design is a very specific and intricate type of design and that you need to know what it should entail. The following advice will give you at least some picture of what this type of web design should look like.

The Need for Speed

To put things very simply – you need your new website to be as fast as possible. This means fast loading times and no lags no matter what. A lot has been said on the effects of loading time duration on the user satisfaction rates and their abandonment of a shopping website. In short, people will leave your website and they will not come back if it is too slow.

Website speed

In order to ensure quick loading times, you will need to dig deep into your web design bag of tricks and employ every single tactic that will speed up the browsing experience on your online shopping website. This is crucial.

The Clean Look

Do you know what one of the main reasons people buy stuff online is? It is simple. They do not have to get dressed and drive to a store, push with other shoppers and stand in lines. They are looking for a quick and simple shopping experience and since you have already provided them with speed, you now need to deliver the simplicity as well.

The way in which you will do this is by employing clean web design that will ensure everything is clear for the user, even the user who is visiting your ecommerce website for the first time. This clean look will also be simple visually, with few colors and without any distracting and unnecessary elements.

Going Mobile

We talked to marketing consultant firm from Melbourne and they told us that it you simply MUST make your new online store mobile-friendly. This is something that they recommend to all of their clients, and not just because it makes marketing easier. With the constantly increasing number of mobile internet users and the increase in mobile shopping, an eCommerce that does not work on mobile devices is almost non-existent.

We were also told that it is important to differentiate between online shops that can simply be accessed with a mobile device and those that offer full functionality. You probably already know which of these you should strive for. Yes, it is the full functionality which will enable mobile users to have the fullest experience possible.

Pictures and Comments

There are two features that can greatly contribute to the success of your new online store. The first are the pictures that you will provide for all your products. People feel the need to see what they are buying and if you fail to provide pictures for your products, your sales will not be as good as they could be.

Also, online shoppers love to comment, share their experience and feel like they are helping future visitors of the website. It is because of this that you will want to include a comments section on your eCommerce website. It will boost interaction and participation and it will help you achieve better customer service as well.

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